Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On the hook.

Inspired by the ever comedic and entertaining series - How I Met Your Mother (Season 5 Episode 16), I'm here to share with you a very interesting term.

No, this is not a blog post about fishing.

On the hook

Definition : A person who is "on the hook" will be overly infatuated with another person. That person who is desired usually cares much less and sometimes take advantage of the person who is on the hook.

The person on the hook is hopelessly obsessed with the other person. The devotion is pretty much one sided. When you are on the hook, you usually think a lot about what the other person thinks, and would do almost anything to please the person they desire.

Ever felt as if the people you fall for never falls for you, while the people you are not fond of fall for you instead? Everyone has been on the hook, and of course kept someone on the hook. It's one vicious cycle.


Person on the hook :

Being on one's hook comes almost involuntarily and naturally. The person you eyed or desired probably possess a specific captivating trait that you don't see in other people, an X-Factor perhaps? You probably are aware that the desired person is out of reach, but you still want to chase for it, falling for the 'bait'. Well, it's human nature to be constantly challenging ourselves right? We never know what we can achieve if we never take a leap.

Pleasing the person you fall head over heels for seems like the only thing you want to do. But honestly, look around you. You have people who love, appreciate and care for you! Wouldn't they deserved to be pleased and appreciated more? Never neglect the close ones around you, your family, your close friends - they are your lifeline.

Sometimes all you need is a wake-up call or a slap on your face (figuratively), don't be blinded by the desired person. You're born with good senses, put them to work! If you are wooing a possible partner, by all means, go for it, I don't mean to hinder it. Because if we never try loving, we never realized who we could end up spending our lives with, right? But at a point if you feel like you're clapping with only one hand and experiencing unreturned love, you should consider retreating. Hurtful but possibly wise move. It's better to be alone than to love alone.


Desired person :
(I shall include 2 very desirable personalities of both genders to be fair to keep you reading :P)

Which of you girls are on hunky Ryan Reynolds' hook? ;)
Adriana Lima sure could easily get any men on her hook effortlessly ;)
Being able to have someone on your hook usually mean you're somehow attractive which could definitely boost self-esteem and ego. It's nice to know you're liked but sometimes if you abuse the feelings of the person on the hook, it is unethical.

If you have no interest on the person who is on your hook, cut him/her off early. Break his/her heart now before they get an even deeper wound. You might think being nice and playing along with the person who is on your hook is a better solution, NO. You're cultivating a bigger, more severe infection on them by misleading them. If you enjoy doing so, you're definitely cold-hearted, insensible and all the negative remarks I can think of.

If you have someone on your hook but you don't notice it when everyone else around you does, alarm your senses and be more alert. Never mess with others' feelings as you never want yours to be messed with, right?

Perhaps you can cut someone off by gradually showing them signals that you are not keen or interested. Sometimes don't give them even the slightest hope because a person on your hook will still hang on and be hopeful he/she will prevail one fine day. In most cases they won't, sadly.


Are you on the hook, on someone's hook, or both?

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