Friday, June 10, 2011

Adidas All24 AllRun - 4 hour relay

Adidas All24 is an epic scale celebration of style, street and sport! Among the competitive events are futsal, skating, basketball, dance-off, running and so many more! The condition of the event is it is open only for youths aged 24 and below, sorry oldsters :P. Held on the 4th June at Rakan Muda Sports Complex, Bukit Kiara.

Without must effort guessing, I signed up for the AllRun, with Louis, Murphy, Kaartig, Khityeng and Khai Sim. I find this format of race fun and enjoyable. After running 1.4km, we have approximately half an hour to recover, regain composure and run the following 1.4km lap.

Meet the Roadrunners :)
It is a 4 hour relay, with 6 runners in a team, we're required to cover as many laps of 1.4km as possible.

L-R : Louis, Khai Sim, Kaartig, Michelle, Murphy and myself.
The above picture display our running order, first myself, till last Louis. Knowing there will some of the country's top runners running, it is very unlikely to win top 3 places. Our goal was to have fun and we absolutely did :).

We completed 37 laps of 1.4km, which means we ran a total of 52km in 4 hours. The final result was we got 9th out of 45 teams, still top 10 pretty creditable :).

Lady luck wasn't on our side, Murphy, injured his foot a couple of days before the race. Determined and persistent dude he is, he ran 6 laps with a swollen foot! Hail his sporting spirit there.

At the starting point, right before the flag off.
Being the first runner, I finished the first 1.4km lap in 4mins 36secs coming back 4th. But later on the pace of other runners caught up and we can only afford to clinch 9th place:\.

Why you so smelly?
While waiting for Khityeng/Kaartig to complete their lap :)
Us- after the 4 hour relay :)
 Each of us ran 6 laps which equal to 8.4km each, but I ran an extra lap, covering 9.8km. Really enjoy the relay, fun to push and see how far we can run. A break from those regular relay races :).

This is Murphy and I waiting for our supper at SS2 Murni
That's all for now folks. I've got to go OCBC Bank tomorrow to settle my internship stuff. Woohoo sorry for the short and simple post, will be back ;).

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