Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Pa!

I've written a Mother's Day blog post, I believe it is fair to write one for my dear papa too.

Meet the macho Lum Senior.


The man I look up to and respect most - my father.

My father is more than just a man with big specs, frequently seen reading the newspaper at his favourite desk.

A quiet, calm and composed man he is, but he has taught countless number of lifelong lessons, important values, shaping the person I am today.

Your ability to put up to each and everyone's menace amaze me. Throughout 21 long years of my life, living with my father, no matter how furious he is at me, he never hit me before. Indirectly implying brute force is not the best solution. He scolds me, warns me the consequences of my wrong-doings all along. Pa, the way you brought me up opened my eyes. You seek the most rational solutions at toughest times, you teach me to realize myself - what is right and what is not. You taught me to be considerate, you taught me to be a better man.

Starting a family, raising a child is definitely no easy task. Having 4 children is definitely gonna be rough and tough. Despite all the headaches like household expenses, bills, debts, rising cost of living, and so on, you deal with them thoroughly. Pa, I look up to your work ethics, you never fail to put food on the table for the family. Unlike conventional fathers, my father actually lay his hands on house chores even after long day from work. Love the fact that you arrange frequent vacations for the family to spend quality time together. You also never fail to remind us the importance and ways of staying healthy.

Selfless man, my father is. The countless of sacrifices he makes for the family - invaluable.


My father, despite his age (he's over 60), he stills indulge in weekly badminton! Did I mention he has an exceptional affection towards fish? Particularly loves tasting fresh steamed fish!  Lived through the 1970s, my father is actually a fan of Elvis, Beatles, Bee Gees and so on. So here's a clip of Bee Gees performing "Stayin' Alive", enjoy :)


The root to the achievements, success of all of us (Wai, Cheng, Foong and myself) are all from the guidance from my beloved parents. No words can describe my gratitude towards their contributions to our lives, sincerely thank you.

I love you dearly, Pa.

Happy Father's Day to all deserving fathers out there!

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