Saturday, July 23, 2011

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2011 : My 3rd 42km Full Marathon

Of gruesome distances, intense training, and discipline. It has been a long journey. 

Marathons, something I got pretty familiar with. Now I am proud to have 3 Full Marathons under my belt. I wonder when will I stop, 10 Full Marathons perhaps? Till I'm 50 years old? Till my prospective girlfriend tell me not to?

That I'm not sure, but what I'm sure is that I'll run 2 more Full Marathons by the end of this year. That's 4 Full Marathons in a year. Creditable feat, if you ask me. 

To be honest, the gruesome distance is taxing and taking its toll on me. Probably I'll run till my body tells me to stop. This marathon was disappointing one for me personally, I didn't have sufficient sleep the night before - wrong move.

Geared with my ever-reliable Nike Free, digital watch, 2 Power gels, 1 bottle of Gatorade, I clocked my worst ever timing for 42km, 5 hours 26 mins when I expect to improve from my previous 4 hours 56 mins. I literally lied down on the floor for numerous times, my body's just exhausted. Never happened to me before, so I blame the lack of sleep.

As long as I've run, I'm always fascinated with the spirit of marathon. Those little things; runners helping one another when one experienced cramp, friendly gestures among runners, supporters lifting up the mood, there were even free breakfast offered around the 34km mark at Bukit Tunku. God bless these wonderful individuals.

Quick fact :
  • Grand total of 22000 runners
  • The marathon attracted more than 1000 foreign runners
  • I ranked 566/1256 in the men open Full Marathon category
  • 10km category is the most popular with 10000 runners participating
Warned, there will be a lot of pictures of me. I'm not exactly a narcissist but bear with me, haha. (it's my blog anyway :))


Sincerely apologized for letting down some of my friends who were expecting my arrival at the finishing line. You know who you all are, sorry! 

Meet the UTAR-Sg-Long-Building-Run-Gold-Medalist-Kong-Yi-Ching and me haha.
Myself in the Finisher's tee and medal :)
Personally people say they enjoy running from experiencing "runners' high". For me, running is obviously tiring and somewhat torturing, the only "high" or satisfaction is felt only when I finish the run. 

So in order to reap the success of whatever you're doing, don't give up halfway, instead - finish it. 


h3nRyooo said...


I am Khai Sim said...

ahahahah. the only high you got is when you finished it.

sorta agree to it. damn hard to reach that high in mid-run la. super rare =/

anyway, nice post. see u next week! :)