Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

Bareno Run 2011, held at Bukit Jalil, offered races of different distance, among them are 21km, 10km and 5km. With much consideration, I signed up for 5km, knowing I can run much competitively and confident in that distance. Furthermore, you get the same medal and vest for each of the distances. The only difference is that 21km enable you to have an additional Finisher t-shirt which I own one too. Ask me about it ;).

Aiming for top 10 position in the 5km race, I ran my lungs out. To my dismay, only to realized I finished 25th in the Men Open category :(. I encountered something different in this run - there is this man running in my category, every time he overtakes a runner he will shout cynically "CUTTING YOU!" or "OVERTAKING YOU BRO!" or something like that. Obviously, it is very ANNOYING. Determined to lose him, I increased my running pace and make him eat my dust har har. Didn't hear him annoy me anymore after I out-paced him ;).

Khai Sim, myself and Kevin.
& this time it's Khit Yeng in between the batangs.
Khit Yeng
and Kevin are both top runners from their respective 21km Women and Men category. Woots!

This are the pictures derived from my "26km" story. Ask me, Khai Sim, Khit Yeng or Kevin about it :p.


& also there are a bunch of UTARians from Kampar who ran this run too, most of them are members of Miracle Milers. Hence the picture. I'm not a Miracle Miler or Pacesetter or obligated to any running club but I was welcomed to join the group shot. Thanks :).

Cheers from Miracle Milers :)!

This Sunday I've got a non competitive charity run - Volunteerism Run. Looking forward to it :)

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