Thursday, May 11, 2006

and more photos.

most of the coming pictures are pictures of Mickymitez. Becareful, faint hearted people are not advised to see the following photos.You are warned.

micky found a fountain after a meal at McDs[note a cup of coke on my hand].time to blow kisses and pose.

mickeymitez just before the real thing.

the anxiousness of waiting backstage.

jolly faces.[wtf yihan is doing?molesting boon's ass?]

micky assemble!

we being buff as we already are.[haha check out edwyn la.]

oppsie.a kinky the way, i want to press again on the statement that we are all straight.

mickymitez was not only the star of DJ's IU.there were many many other stars that shined on that of them was....Eng Eu as Vagi . haha check out zac vin's naughty hand.

sigh.teens with raging hormones.

first stunt coming up!

our final stunt

may ee . mengleong .your new IU directors.

mengleong . farah . yongmeng

mengleong . kirsten . anthea . yongmeng

yongmeng . yien . mengleong =)

karmay receiving complimentary Micky pose.

there's this two song i've been hooked on lately.

Just Feel Better by Santana and Steven Tyler [good one.]

What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts [good lyrics.]

"What hurts the most is being so close, and having so much to say,watching you walk away."


Princessor. said...

err nicholas chin ^^
and my bro said he remembers you

Joyceeee. said...

Hey. Ooh, link me. :D
Abs. Weee.

MengLeong said...

aha, sister of nicholas!yea i know you.:)
and sure thing, joyce.

Princessor. said...

fine then link me too =) my bro asked me about you. like - your height. hhahah

MengLeong said...

my height?
176cm if im not mistaken.

:::maris::: said...

joycey ur insane...but abs... =)

yong meng said...

Eh, whos dis crazy bout abs??
Go look at some Guy mags!

Meng Leong's Mine!!


:::maris::: said...

haha yongmeng just being himself.
haha i want u too la dun wry.

debra fong said...

scary sial: )

MengLeong said...

haha what scares you debra?:p

Ethan said...

Eh, no matter HOW MUCH you losers try to copy me, you'll never beat the me. Haha.