Sunday, May 28, 2006


Our Life Happened for A Reason.

the hard times are gone.
adious mid term.
get ready to welcome our final term.
and then they will treat us well.

its gona be 2 weeks + holiday.all i want to do is rest and keep myself fit.

and i went a 40km hike with a bunch of scouts.
if you dont really know how far is 40km, take note from Heng Joon.

"Wa 40km?Means 40000m?"

in addition to that we are suppose to carry haversacks with us which might weigh up to 10kg.
imagine walking 40km with a heavy bane on your easy task.words might not be able to explain completely what we endure,but it was an outing to be remember isnt it boys?


before our hike i sleepover at Yong Meng's place.
him knowing i am a noctural creature, he gave me a pill.
he spiked me.
so that i can fall asleep as soon as possible as we got a tough day coming up.
maybe he didnt want me to disturd his "late night conversation" with his Stephanie.

woke up at 5am.because i heard lots of mumbling voices.i was wondering who are making so much noise so early in the morning?so i go checked out Yong Meng's window.

It was DJ LEOs getting ready to go their LEO Forum at Johor.It's at some beach place.bitch.i love beach .i didnt wana go cause my brother's going.he can see whatever i'm doing.thats not fun.and the Forum was pretty expensive as well.i'm not those people who treat money like water, so i didnt go.Next year, i would encourage all LEOs or people who think im hot(=p) to go.hehe.its gona be yummy.well not as in lots of nice food,but its gona be yummy.

okay, back to 5.00am.after checking out the window, i get my attire changed while Yong Meng bathe.As YongMeng's house just in front of the school,not long later.......i heard.

"WHATS YOUR DAMN PROBLEM?!?!!!?!?!" was LOUD and CLEAR.well it didnt need much head-cracking was MAY EE.As you might predicted as well, she was scolding ......yes. Ser Siang.i then sms-ed May Ee.


"May Ee i can hear you say whats your damn problem."
"MORNING! was that dumbo SIANG's fault !"

so typical mayee-sersiang thing.soon instead of raining cats and dogs,it might be raining mayee and sersiang.

i then took my breakfast at YongMeng's kitchen.i could hear YongMeng's mom having a conversation with her neighbour and both of them were complaining about the amount of noise that the forum participater made.i bet it did bothered many other residents in that area from having a comfy sleep.

"maybe its because its raining mayee and sersiang"
-this phrase might be used more often in the be prepared people.(doesnt have to be only used when its raining or loud frequency of sound are produced and its possible to use that term at different scenarios.)-

we went to school to get set for the 40km journey.The member of my patrol Maharaja-Lela are:

  1. YongMeng-Mr. Responsibe.laughs at small matters and can behave really queer
  2. WeiKit-Never stop entertaining us with his farting ability
  3. EthanTay-Unbelieveable body-movement abilities.and he's our real life expressive pornstar.Never fails to amaze us with his natural yet porn-y pose.Very kinky.
  4. KitWeng-We saw many of his cute friends(kitty)
  5. Yu Szen-Request for a Titanic song,any song.He will deliver it to you.
  6. YiHan-Claims he gets his strength and inspriration from hearing good love songs like Truly Madly Deeply for example.
  7. EthanLing-Our very,very determined and hardworking friend.
We started walking at 8.00am.If you wondered where we would be stupid to tell you exactly what we did during the whole trip.However i can tell u the destinations we went.
  • SMK Damansara Jaya
  • Yuk Chai
  • Balai Bomba Damansara
  • SRK Taman SEA
  • Seksyen 17 & 16
  • Life Chapel's Church
  • SMK Abdul Samad
  • Catholic High School
  • Seksyen1
  • Assunta Hospital
  • Amcorp Mall
  • District Police Station
  • SMK Sri Aman
  • SK Kampung Tunku
  • Wisma FAM
  • Fardina 's house
  • SMK Kelana Jaya
  • Baywatch(Aman Suria)
  • SMK Tropicana
  • BU11
  • SMK Damansara Jaya
  • Damansara Utama
  • Sri Pentas TV3
  • Some Police Station in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.
  • Bukit Kiara
  • SMK Damansara Jaya.
Yes, we went through every single one of them.Did i miss out any?Can u imagine urself goin through those places by just walking?or maybe some of those places u might not heard of before.
i can see people sms-ing their loved ones, i was just walking.i was feeling really really left out.=\
We walked 40km with the haversack and wore a reflector vest.for safety reason.
we headed to Yuk Chai with great spirit.Barney Songs were sang along the way.we choose to walk at the main road so that we can see "interesting people" heading for cheer practice.
being in a patrol which is pretty fit, we proceed to our destinations without any thing that would cause delay.somehow, in boon's patrol, seng chye fell down twice and sprain his ankle twice.he ignored the pain and continued walking.great spirit.according to ethantay,seng chye's sprained ankle looked like animal cells at telophase during mitosis that has a cleavage furrow.if u dont know about mitosis,just imagine a small butt.his sprained ankle had lumps that look like a butt.
we went pass WeiGuan and Lee Jane's housing area.saw this very interesting mamak restaurant.Both were named Sri Paandi.having workers wearing the same purple uniform,both with very friendly workers but different was interesting to see as they were competing their very best to attract customers.very interesting restaurants that i'll definitely visit one day.
when we reached Abdul Samad,we rest and chat with an ex-dj-ian.practically we were just plain walking and taking photos of the place we were suppose to go as evidence.during the time we break, we could see more of ethan's very kinky pose.yongmeng seem to be the most amused one.
while walking,we were hon all the way.since the time we started at our school and after 22 hours of walking.those people might had this one their mind.
  • attracted by ethan's very kinky way of walking.
  • never see a group of scouts walking before.
  • think yu szen is damn hot.
  • laughing at our very weird reflective vest.
  • nothing better else to do.
  • just broke up with their bf/gf
after visiting the district police station, we stopped at yu szen's grandparents house to have our lunch which is MaggiMee Goreng bought by Tai Jia and Nimalan.while eating i amuse myself by throwing and picking food(small solid food.not the maggimee goreng!) with my mouth.WeiKit was not wasting a chance to show off his farting ability.YongMeng felt left out and then farted on ethan's face.ethan then farted back on yongmeng.hahahaha
walk walk walk till we were very near a cemetey.Ethan,being a very brave pornstar,insisted that those Christian Cemetery were nothing to be afraid about and he just proceed into the cemetery.Yongmeng stopped him on time as we can choose to walk on a housing area instead of a land filled with dead people.
realised our location was pretty near to yx's hse i called her to tell her about us hiking and the possibility we might be stopping by cause the sky shows sign of thunder storm and heavy rain.but thanks to the tough will of yongmeng to proceed, we reached Wisma FAM where we saw the Malaysian football team is training to take on MyTeam on 28th May.when we arrived,then it only started raining.ah, god were on our side.
We took shelter and rest in the FAM building.Everyone was recharging their energy by drinking isotonic drinks and taking a short nap.Meanwhile i settle the report i got to prepare for the patrol.btw my bum started to feel sore(the scouts know why=p) as i got a long way more to walk!
when night falls there's cerain rules to follow.
  • not to shout one's name.
  • tell and mentioned that he/she smelled something.
because of those rules,we gave each of our patrol member a we dun call by the real name.we address each other by our favourite footballer, but Yongmeng and yihan chose breakfast cereal and god knows why.
YongMeng = Koko
YiHan = Crunch
Me = Ronaldo
EthanLing = Nistelrooy
YuSzen = Beckham
KitWeng = Henry
WeiKit = Kaka
EthanTay = who else.Ronaldinho.haha
as we continue,our patrol members got a lil exhausted as it was potrayed on their tired expression.The road at Tropicana was damn long.Luckily we found a short cut.Not long later we were around kayu ara area.
then bum bum called.
we manage to reach school around midnight after walking foor 30km when its time for us to have our dinner which is MaggiCup.Resting while waiting for the rain to stop.Around 1.00am, we were given a task which is walking 10km more.We were almost drop dead tired, but the task got to be done.
Yihan couldnt stand as he was really tired.So i offered to carry his haversack for him.i think its aprroximately 20kg on my shoulders.ouch.
we walked to Damansara Utama.then Bandar Utama.Then Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.
at a police station,we interviewed an officer there.after that we walked to Taman Rimba Kiara which seem like taking forever to reach.everybody looked ethan was exhausted, i thought he wud feel better after being re-porn-ish by our ZakarVin.
I was very proud of every single one of us,as we proved that we can do it.
You might think
Marcus is weak but he was one of the most energetic throughout the hike.
Good stuff.
im excited and felt good as we were about to finish our hike soon. we walked back from taman tun dr. ismail to SMK Damansara Jaya along LDP.we reached our school at 5.00 damn glad its OVER.
we were so wet and dirty.but because we were so tired,many of us fell asleep.
After sleeping,my muscles ache badly.
claming his packs are appearing really really soon.
*i'll upload the photos as soon as i get hold of them.
and i cancelled my joga today as i have trouble way im gona play futsal.on 29th May im having Selangor Open Volleyball Tournament at Kuala Selangor.
i sometimes wonder, whether is she the reason of my determination to succeed and to be a better person.after today,i assure you she was my reason.


Nimalan D said...

eh who was the ex djian?

MengLeong said...

der theres one indian dude who says he's a fren of faisal and left dj when he was form3 cause of disciplinary problems.
haha din get to know his name though.

Nimalan D said...

ahha okk..thought it was some stpm guy from my batch :P but the hike was fun wasnt it. now arent u glad u missed the forum

MengLeong said...

he's a form6 guy i think.haha.hike was fun.i got to eat painkillers after that.i jsut got to go next year's forum.

Ethan said...

The Indian dude is in Upper six. My feet are fooked. :D

MengLeong said...

u know what?
i feel fit now.
i feel like running a mile now!
haha my body doesnt ache anymore.

..::maymay::.. said...

wat raining may ee and siang wei???
where got noisy???
u overexagerated larh meng leong!!!

and u shud haf came for forum!! it was fun lerhh...

but a bti strict alrh they all..
this cannot do..tat cnanot do..

btu the palce we stayed inw as duty the liqour and chocz were CHEAP LIKE FUCK!!

hahahah...would haf bought u sum..but then i remembered tat u wanted to keep fit rite?? so i sacrifice for u and ate ur portion!! AHAHAHHAH

debra fong said... forum for youuu.boohoo=P

MengLeong said...

haha THANKYOU mayee
i heard forum is damn boring and it sucks.
im glad i went 40km hike instead.

Ethan said...

Just got a thought. Did you use the report to write this post?

MengLeong said...

haha i din.
i blog about it at 10am on that day.
means after i bathe and come back from school after the excruciating walk.
when im gona write report again, can use this as a guide.

..::maymay::.. said...

it din SUCK!!..oaky..maybe a lil bit..but oni becoz so lil of us went!!

not happening enuf larh...but of course my presence made everythin MUCH better!! ahahhha...

yong meng said...

Meng Leong, can u PLEASE stop telling everybody about our secret...what will Ethan think...

MengLeong said...

haha i din know yongmeng.
i WILL keep quiet.