Monday, May 01, 2006

IU DAY 2006


Our IU was good.
damn good.
can be said the best IU ever.reallyy.
minus the crampy ballroom and limited spaces.

rehersal before the real thing.


i did mickymitez and modelling.
found out people like mickymitez which made everyone of us felt so please.

the backstage is so confined!

we got Farah from Malaysian Idol Season 2 to perform.she's good.I always thought she will be the next Malaysian Idol but Daniel got it instead.

i did modelling with Rachel Chong.nice meeting you =).

the form5 sketch group was excellent.[the pics are taken from sandra's blog.check out more at]

after everything, i went with a bunch of friends to celebrate sarah's bday.
was suppose to celebrate with kirsten.sorry dear.

MCKY shop.their stars, Mickymitez.haha

the form5s were celebrating patrick and hans' bday.[so many ppl's bday!O.O]
they were celebrating.
they did this extension in the middle of The Curve.

cheerleading.dun play play.haha
people having dinner there were clapping hands for Harjun and friends.hahaha

[there will be more pictures coming up soon.i'll upload when i get hold of them.anybody who have IU day photos please do send to me]


so much effort to just make this IU to happen.and its over.
sweet memories are left behind.


yingxian* said...

mengleong is that all you have to say about i.u.!? :D

MengLeong said...

haha not finished yet.dun wry dun wry.

Nimalan D said...

mickeymitez all the way dude...cheer 2007

MengLeong said...

tough stuff.consider bout it though.

Sandra said...

Wow I like your pictures ;)

You guys did great during Mikeymitez. So proud! :D

MengLeong said...

haha pictures from ur blog..?:)
we felt so pleased with ourselves.
its nice to see hard effort pays off.

Dina said...


I was stuck at the back during your performance.

Ask anyone behind, I shouted the loudest. Even people turned and look behind to see who's the hot lunatic screaming like nobody's business.

Hehe. If I'm not mistaken, I think there was people asking me to shut the hell up. Boohoo.

MengLeong said...

lol a very supportive girl.
we know why the diva went screaming.
for some soo-tho-pid reasons?hahaha

Y i C h I n G said...

Dinner!!! The dinner pics! I wanna see

MengLeong said...

suree suree.
i wanted to upload but cudnt upload.dono y.
i'll send to you..