Thursday, June 08, 2006


ok,i've been tagged.i shall name 8 qualities i want in my dream girl.

1. Shower me with love for who i am.
accept my flaws, live with me through everything that happens.

2. Healthy.
i don't want a soul mate who smokes and do unhealthy stuffs.a girl who watches tv regularly eatting chips like drinking water is so not my kind of girl.

3. Physically attractive.
everybody wants a good looking partner,don't they.

4 .Her inner beauty much more beautiful than her outer beauty.
a girl who's beautiful but acts like a bitch is a turn off.actually,bitchy is fine.over bitchy is not.

5. Somehow that can make me dream of her all the time.
It happened to me before,she appeared in my dreams,even come up with love quotes when i think of her.

6. Passionate.
i want a passionate relationship.

7. Someone who can offer me long term relationship
i want a steady bond between us.short term relationships are definitely not what im looking for.

8. Understanding.
She needs to understand what im going through, as i will try to indulge hers.For example, i need to train for a football league frequently, i really hope she will not nag about me not spending time with her.i definitely wana spend some yummy and good times with her but hope she knows whats right whats wrong.

if u think u can offer me everything above, please do msg single.


Dina said...

You'll find a girl like that someday soon!

No worries man (:

MengLeong said...

i desire for that day to come so badly.

MengLeong said...

dina, i think u can offer me everything above.
come come>=)!
opps ur taken.

:::maris::: said...

wei kit better not c that meng leong...just don't tell em i said it...heh :)

Princessor. said...

daena oh marissa. look whos talking. xD

MengLeong said...