Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kit Seng.

That's not his real name. Only him, myself and Thian Hong know the story behind the name Kit Seng haha. The guy who's most likely to make love with a football if... he's running out of options? LOL.

A Birthday shoutout just for you Kitty Weng!
You know how much I restrained myself from posting your 'nude' picture haha.


His birthday, the 7th of November also marks the 1st month of me and Jac being together.
Don't mess around mann on that very night we went to Paris.
It's true but somehow it's not as cool as it sound.

Jac, you like what I prepared for you, don't you :).
Ignoring the fact I'm abit old fashion-ish haha.

After that, we were indecisive on where to head to and somehow we ended up at a Puchong hill.

3 weeks left at the PJ campus.
3 weeks.


We got 3rd in a futsal competition today. & heck, I sure do miss winning like our good old days.

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