Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Showdown of Champions

In this case, it's champions of tennis. I was never a fan of tennis, but watching current and previous champions getting in on in the court is always something to look forward to.

I was informed by Justin to work for this event, money + watching world class players. How awesome is that?

No, we were not assigned to work as ball boys, merely ushering and ticket checking.

There were these stupid rules stating no food, drinks, umbrella, camera with flash. So we were doing our best to deny them from bringing those item. However some customers were really furious with the rules, there were scolding with the four letter word, smashing of hamburgers to the ground, disowning of their food, fight almost erupted (Khy Li the peace maker). Macam macam ada. Alright minus the drama.

The 4 men playing would be 2 legends and Hall of Fame-r as far as tennis is concern, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and the other 2 tennis greats who are still very much in their prime or slightly passed it, Roger Federer and James Blake.

I searched online for the poster of the event, and this is what I found.

There's something amiss with this picture. Rafael Nadal was not on the agenda. But I'm aware many of the girls, and some dudes, would fancy Nadal getting in on with Federer. On the court.


The showdown of champions was held at Stadium Putra. Familiar?

The set up of the court way before the showdown kick off.

In fact, there I met many familiar faces, including a friend whom I've not met for almost 6 years! MELISSA TEH! She's still as small and cute as ever haha. You guys from 6U, we were in the same class before. Ring any bell?
Soon later, we were scheduled to have our dinner. Pathetic one :\.

This is Khy Li and Wee Lee. These people don't bring pens to class, they bring knives. Chefs-to-be. Don't mess.

Kit Weng the fastest footballer and Kai Fu the pro.

Totally the opposite of what we had. Dining for the rich and famous. >=(

Oldies John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg warming up. I think it would be fair to show pictures of them when they were in their prime and much younger, when chicks dig them instead the other way.

The former world no. 1 with his infamous tantrums, John McEnroe. Nice hair. Reminds me of my mum's.

Bjorn Borg. Nice hot pants. Nice hair too.

There, you're seeing Roger Federer returning shots back to James Blake. The ladies shouted when he removed his.. jacket. Wtflux.


There were 3 matches;
John McEnroe against his all-time rival Bjorn Borg,
Roger Federer against James Blake.
Team USA (Blake/McEnroe) against Team Switzerland (Federer/Borg).

The one who are in orange were the winners for the night.

Federer executing an ace serve.

Because I'm wearing the tag and shirt, I have access to the somewhere really near to the court and this was my view. You know how tough was it taking pictures with flash, with the security right next to you. Probably the security dudes were understanding enough haha.

Federer up close. Not close enough though.

Er. whatever. This is for you Katherine.


I might sound like I'm a tennis fan but I never was. Doubt I'd even turn to one. Realised the point system of tennis are kind of long-winded. Gets a little boring after some time.

A picture of the small group of us(the people I'm fetching back except Justin) after work to rap up the day!

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