Saturday, November 29, 2008


I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. If you're an avid reader of my blog, you can look to point fingers at the following reasons. The regular dota sessions and of course entertaining my big baby. No, I'm not a daddy yet though I know how to change diapers, the big baby would be my girlfriend, if you would like to know.

The previous week was my last week studying at UTAR's PJ campus. Dude, 3 semesters, 1 year passed by so fast, comparable to how fast Ser Siang and his mum can communicate.

No more classes, and that would mean I'm having my study break, gearing up for my FINALS. It sucks when others are having fun, getting wasted, shopping, having slumber parties and pillow talks when you're sulking at home in front of your self-made notes trying to absorb facts like a sponge.


So don't you realise we are getting a number of imigrants(refering to friends from Aussies, no offense :D) coming to Malaysia? Yeaa WELCOME BACK guys :). Especially Thian Hong :D.

Upon Zac-Vin's return, we played handball with the gay batch of 2007 and current form3s. I left class early to play with them, only with my boxers on since I didn't have my sports attire.

Then on the 27th, it was Thian Hong's turn to arrive back to Malaysia.
Hongster gave his close friends each a really thoughtful gift, a tag, with our name on and his initials. Thanks bro.

On that very night itself, Khy Li and Edwin brought a group of us all the way to Klang to have dinner.

Dang they have the best-est "lai yau lai lui ha" (butter mantis shrimp) man.
On top of that, I'm suspecting that dish was the cause of sudden pimples popping out.

& OMG you know what's turning on? I was by the door of Yi Ching's room and she was dota-ing. DAMN. Khy Li played the role of a brother well:D(taught his sister how to dota haha)!


The following day, I joined Siang to play futsal with supposedly his classmates. No biggie.


At 7pm it was futsal again with the regulars at Footy. Man, Footy shucks :(.

Anyway that night itself, Thian Hong and myself slept over at Siang's.

There's no other people I spend more time on the bed sleeping with other than Thian Hong and Ser Siang. Don't worry Jac, you will beat them in that soon :b.
Ser Siang who was initially tired, rejuvenated after watching Astro On Demand and can be seen playing some racing game.

This is Thian Hong sleeping like a Teddy Bear like how Fardina would address him.

I myself did play a few rounds of Dota myself on Siang'scomp.


The next morning, we, which means Thian Hong, Ser Siang and I meet up with the Ongs, Khy Li and his family to have our brunch which I was looking forward to :D.

Without a doubt we have a great time chatting and eating with the Ongs :).

After that, Khy and I had 1 on 1 Dota :D.
We shall have our decisider match soon :).


Now, I'm gonna Dota with my girlfriend's brother before Thian Hong ask to go out for supper. Ciao.