Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bukit Tinggi

As I've mentioned, I got to make good use of my time, and I certainly did yesterday night/morning :).

Initially we wanted to have a road trip to Kuala Selangor to see fireflies but we ended up going to Bukit Tinggi. So since I'm done with my exam, why not go :D.

Introducing the road trip team,

Meet the team, haha. Ser Siang the Mr RM700 jacket, Thian Hong the Advisor, Basil the Troop Leader, Sarah Chan the Founder, and myself.

Left our place at around 11pm, we actually got lost and overshoot the exit we were suppose to turn to on our way there. We even turned to some weird Kampung Bukit Tinggi which were rather deserted and eerie. Soon after I took over the wheels and our first destination was this Berjaya Club House which happen to have a golf course as well.

Mind you, it was the wee hours in the morning.

Thian Hong and Sarah welcoming us.

Er, Siang? haha.

Where's the "shadow"?
INSIDE joke :b


As we explored the place, we found numerous buggies.
Later only we found out we can actually start the buggy, so we drove the buggy around the huge golf course, in the DARK.

Leong and Hong riding it mann.

After the satisfying ride.


After that, we drove to the Rabbit Farm and follow up by Colmar Tropica, the France Village accompanied with awesome cooling weather.

ZOMG that's RM700+ covering meeeeeeeeeee

At the entrance of Colmar Tropica.


As we venture around we found animals around us.

2 sleeping swans with a not-so-sleepy Thian Hong.

Can you see the bats behind there?

Basil loves Kitty.

Haha damn tourist la, chandelier also wanna take picture with.


Lastly pictures of Ser Siang, Sarah, Basil, and Thian Hong with joyful faces to express the joy we felt on this trip :).

I drove home after that, I took only 50mins to reach back Pahang to PJ.

We should have more of this kinda trips soon :).


debra fong said...

those are not bats actually.
Those are swifts : )

ahahaha, they are in the car park righttt?:P
and the dark dark area near the swan place?

I went there with Jeff middle of this year, that's why i know. lol

And hello ML!: )

pikyie.ngoi said...

Meng Leonggg!

Before you leave ahh, pls make time for me ahh. Dinner or lunchh to catch up.


Btw, nice phoneee! Haha. And and omggg. You damn sweet lor. Make those roses. My boyfriend wont do that.