Friday, January 30, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

Jogging at Kampar is awesome. It is distinctively different compared to the places back at home. The following are shots taken when I went jogging.

Mining lake.

Nice going for that tyre. When you drive here, be vary of Bumps 'n' Dungs.

KTM train track.

Pui Yee the cili padi and I.

Pui Foong's Chocolate Cornflakes.


Then it was Chinese New Year.
Of gathering with family and friends, red packets, pineapple tarts, fried nga ku, gambling, and over-eating.

I returned to my mum's hometown, Teluk Intan.

My uncle and aunt's guests.

My grandparents has a total of 9 children all married with 9 other spouses, and almost 30 grandchildren. Can you imagine the crowd under 1 roof? :P.

Since there are so many of us, of course we have a few people who celebrates birthday together. What a mass gathering it was. Too bad I do not have the group picture, it's in the other camera.

& the grandparents still feeling the love.


Trip to Sungai Tiang, a fisherman village

The 'jetty'


& spent my whole day yesterday at my girlfriend's place. I had lunch there, chat with everyone, played Dota with her brother, & dinner. After that she came over to my place instead.

It was the first time my mum meet Jac, so Pui Foong described the situation is like 'First Day of School'. Hahaha. I can tell my mum couldn't stop scanning Jac, haha.

Somehow the feedbacks from my parents were extremely, positive :).


Ah, got to go!
Heading to Kar May's Chinese New Year gathering :).

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