Thursday, January 15, 2009


How're you all doing so far since year '09 has started?

Hmm what can I say, I've already settle down at Kampar for 2 weeks. So far, so pretty good. Like mentioned on my title, it's serene here, having Mother Nature close in sight. However there will always be setbacks, missing the people back home.

I was back at KL for 4 days and manage to catch up with Candice Sow, attending Lee Jane's 18th and of course with my family and girlfriend.

The following are brief review of Kampar, more towards Westlake the place I'm living ;

  • Hills and lakes surrounding the Westlake residential area.
  • Fishing deems to be an 'in' passtime among the locals.
  • Ramli burger stalls aplenty.
  • Mc Donalds no where to be found.
  • Cantonese is widely spoken among the locals. (Even an Indian boy asked me for directions in Cantonese when I was jogging today)
  • 'Seafood' youngsters are very common.
  • Cheap food in abundance.
  • Bullshit in abundance too, literally. (Cow dung)

My cousin sister shows me around the place cause she's studying here as well. I'm really tired from today's long distance of cycling, jogging and walking. So I shall just share with you a few shots I took around the place.

In the Campus.

There are damn alot of storks around the lake, specificly this little isle on the lake.

The first time I heard the parking is full for bicycles. =_=


'Feast' at Wei Yen's place. haha.

Pasar malammmmmmmmm every Wednesday night.


It says RM0.60 Secucuk.
I heard there's 50 cents lok lok but I've yet to come across it.

Coming to Kampar, you'll be reminded to taste the goodness of CB. For those who curse alot, CB stands for.. :)

...Actually CB is a famous chicken biscuit in Kampar ;).
Correction and Error exercise for you guys.
Underline the grammatical error and rewrite the sentence :).
Around the Old Town, you can come across many shop names.

Soon Seng, or better known as Paul :D.

Haha Perniagaan Elektrik & Perabot ML! My initials, nice one. But the abbreviation ML could stand for abundance of name, Mei Ling, Mui Lee, Man Long, Ma Lo, Mi Lo, Meh Lo okay it's rather pointless if I go on.

At Kampar's old town, don't forget to drop by at MENG LEONG's! Even the Chinese wording of the name of the shop is similar to mine :).


Man. Utd. is doing a great job surging up the Premier League table :D.

Start em' young. Ignore the belly.

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