Sunday, January 04, 2009



There were so many happenings lately, it was really hard to find time to just sit down in front of the computer, with a relaxed mind, feeling all laid back.

Now that I'm already at Kampar, I've plenty of time to do so. Not to forget, STUDY, the main reason I'm here, which I must constantly be reminded of.

The following are just shots that I took recently.

Believe it or not, I'm paid to sit down at Starbucks and drink these lovely delights.

*grins. 'Natural Beauty?' - inside joke. haha :D

Bye Hong, thank you for delighting us with your presence.

New Years at Port Dickson.
Would you guys be able to believe my girlfriend took 30mins from Port Dickson back to Kuala Lumpur?

Motivating factor to speed - straight, empty road.

By the beach :).

Behold, feast your eyes on the following drunk friends of mine.
Haha I've been told this is the first time these two intoxicated themselves with so much alcohol ahaha.

Here's Abigail, seems disgusted with the drunktards as we can observe haha.
The day before I left for Kampar, Aunty Farah and Stephanie organised a small gathering for me. I had an awesome time there, thank you :).

& spending later that night with Jac:),

My girlfriend so adorable la :).

I drove my dad's Camry to Kampar, which took me 2 hours. If it wasn't by the strict monitoring of my dad on my speed, I believe I can reduce the travelling time much more :P.

The following are the shots I took within these 2 days.

Kampar's hottest shopping spot - Tesco.

A fat shopper.

Misty view outside Tesco.

Lot 1475, Manchester. The house I'm living in.

My room.

A very decent cyber cafe - Khakabo. With good computers, comfy couch and reasonably priced at RM2 per hour.
The lake by the campus, a popular spot for anglers.

Hmm what can say, the air's really fresh here and it's really cooling at night.
This morning I went to jog around the area and tomorrow I plan to do the same and explore the town more.

So if you miss me, just give me a call or buzz me on MSN I'll turn on my webcam :).

Babe, I miss you :(.