Saturday, May 16, 2009

Semester Break!

Time to rest the mind, time to enjoy!

12th May : Project Sushi

Jac bought the ingredients and made sushi in my house with myself and all my siblings :).


Kuantan - Kuala Terengganu Trip

13th May

This trip was supposed to be among Jac's ex-schoolmate(Sheau Pey, Yen Sern, Allan) and I tagged along. She drove to Kuantan and in no time we reached our destination.

In the matter of 2 days, we visited 8 different beaches if I'm not mistaken. Beach-themed. Cool.

Jac sure do have friends wide spread over the Peninsular. She has aplenty NS friends at Kuantan and old buddies at Kuala Terengganu. So we've got no fear of being clueless around. Worst come to worst, GPS step in and saves the day :).

Pictures are from my handphone, Sheau Pey & Allan.


Teluk Chempedak Beach

Look what's that -

Decomposing body of a dead tortoise :\


Dinner - I just love good and cheap food!


During night time at Teluk Chempedak Beach, you will come across this -

A dude dressed as a mannequin, moves like a robot, that accepts donation. Ahha such ingenius way to lure tourists to the beach :p.



14th May

Lembing - Bukit Panorama

We planned to go there at the wee hours in the morning to catch much said beautiful sun rise view, but failed due to the fact it rained and we slept late.

Bukit Panorama - hiking this place does test your endurance and stamina, mind the steep stairs.
Hike up this hill as morning exercise regularly and you'll be Mr./Miss. Fit in no time.

Yen Sern giving his trademark thumbs-up to express his sense of accomplishment reaching the hill top.


On the way to Kuala Terengganu, we stop by to buy famous east coast's salted fish.

15th May

Kuala Terengganu


Crystal Mosque

Zhen Kai, Jac's friend who show us around when we were at Kuala Terengganu.

Allan, Yen Sern(still with that thumbs-up), Sheau Pey, Jac and myself, before leaving back to KL.


16th May

Accompanied Belle and Ethan 'study' at McDs, & discovered how to take pictures with my laptop cam. Haha.

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