Saturday, May 23, 2009

Up North!

I don't usually do overdue posts, but I sat for some insurance exam and had no time to blog. Now that the insurance exam is over..


After travelling to the east coast, we opt to travel north instead. Where to?
it's like a couple trip, Kent and Chian Wei, Jac and I :).

First, we meet up with Shih Yeong at Juru, and had lunch at Auto-City.


With approximately only 3 hours drive from PJ to Penang thanks to Jac-the-pro-driver, we settle down at Regency Heights, Jac's cousin's place.

& then meet our Penang lang tour guide who don't really have wondrous knowledge of Penang :P.

After much negotiation, we decided to visit Bukit Bendera.

Ming Yeong the Penang Lang tour guide.

Kent and Chian Wei.

Jac and I.

Killing time while waiting for that lousy train :p.

As you can see our excited Penang tour guide on the left as this is his 2nd time going up Bukit Bendera :p.

After a much grueling ride, we reached the summit. The view from the top was breath-taking..

What you guys peeping at? Someone's bird bird? Haha.

Kent, Chian Wei, myself, Jac, MingYeong and LittleJohn, over looking a partial part of Penang Island.

Kent's big and long.. canon. haha.


The weather was considerably hot, so we opt to cool by feasting on..

Ice Kacang! uhh, damn damn good.


Iced Mixed Fruits!


Agenda of the trip?
Eat-eat-eat - & - EAT.

Gurney Drive for supper.

Very lively Gurney Drive hawker stalls.


The next day, Jac's cousin bought us brunch!

Asam Laksa, Wan Tan Mee, Prawn Mee, and Fried Kuey Teow(Not seen).


Kek Lok Si

A very excited Kent upon reaching Kek Lok Si.


We prayed, seek blessings and climbed the Pagoda.

At the Pagoda ;

& you see Guan Yin in construction at the background. We'll be back again after the construction is done :).


Recalled we had Asam Laksa for brunch?

But Air Hitam's Asam Laksa is not to be missed!

Truly, a mouth-watering bowl of Asam Laksa.


Off to Batu Feringgi!

All wet, after playing Banana Boat. Really got to try jet-ski the next time!


Happy Belated Birthday shoutout for my 'Quin' ;)
I'm blessed, to have you.

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