Friday, May 08, 2009

End of 1;1

1 last paper - Quantitative Techniques I, and I'm done with Year 1, Semester 1.
Being at somewhere else which is not home for 5 months proved that there are so much, so much to learn.

Being at Kampar, if you have an appetite for Char Siew Fan (Barbeque Pork Rice), I would recommend you to eat Loong Foong Kok. The Char Siew Fan is merely RM3, where the serve chicken and duck meat as well. Loong Foong Kok is usually packed during lunch hour, with most customer feasting on either the duck, chicken or BBQ pork rice.

My Char Siew Fan. But cut down on your pork consumption though :D.


Last Thursday, Jac came over to Kampar, to visit and 'surprise' me :p.
Yes, I'm still having my exams. But she was being an angel, she helped me tidy up my room when I do my revision :).

Her gift for me - 7 months of being together 7 of 2 of my favourite chocolates! :D

Fuiyo, good girlfriend ;).

Tidy closet hehe.

Excuse my sleepy look, I was studying my arse off for the past few nights. Babe you look good ;).

Thanks babe, thanks for everything, truly appreciate it. :)

Look at what Shih Yeong introduced me to : -

MAHJONG TILES MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD. Not very fancy but are they creative in making use of their resources or what. *the cube with black tape is the dice x)


Sorry for a short and simple post, I'm gonna continue practising my Quantitative Techniques, paper's on Monday.

Sut set view from eastlake.


I'll be back this 12th of May, semester break till 31st May. Whoopee.

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