Monday, September 28, 2009

Bye, Y1S2 :) - waterfall

I just finished my last paper this morning. Got back home, the first thing I do was turn on my laptop to blog. I don't want the posts to lose its timeliness value :|.

Anyway, during week 14, I went to Lata Kinjang to cool off by bathing in the cold waters of the waterfall.

6 wet guys. geez.
Ketam at the bottom left lol.

Chee Hoe and Joanne.
Chee Hoe and I.
Pink mushrooms :o
While walking around, we saw a pack of butterflies with fluorescent-like wings.

Those butterflies are huge and weren't afraid of close contacts. One of the biggest butterflies I've seen around!

Next post, coming up soon!

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