Monday, September 28, 2009

Wei Kit & Chiaw Yee's Farewell Gathering + A day at Kampar

A last Cengal gathering before Chiaw Yee and Wei Kit leaves for U.K. .
There is never a dull moment being this bunch :)

Meal time!

Winning Eleven!


BRUNO! - a very very disturbing yet hillarious movie in a twisted way. (not for the weaker minds :P)

A Bruno inspired Wei Kit :D!

Our departing friends :(. Wei Kit already left, Chiaw Yee leaving on 30th September :\.

I know, in years to come, we would still look back at this picture - & smile :).

All the best in your future undertakings Wei Kit and Chiaw Yee. Keep in touch!


Yesterday, I headed back to Kampar to sit for my Macroeconomics paper the following day. I drove up with my brother and Choon Seng tagging along.

The moment we reached Kampar, we changed and head to the court to play futsal with other regular players.

Studying the fishing rod, hook and so on :b.

Fishing by the west lake

Clay pot chicken rice for dinner!

Kuih-muih shoppers. ;)

Thumbs up for ice kacang on a hot sunny day :D!

Asam Laksa for lunch, while my brother had beef noodles.


A couple of days ago, an epic-random-interesting-queer night took place. We had guys photo-taking session, 'last moments talk', 4x20m, watergun, and a football. Ask me about it :p.

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