Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kampar Friendship Run (6/9/2009) - Recap

Thumbs up for Kampar Run on a beautiful morning! It was a simple yet enjoyable run. They call it 'Kampar Friendship Run' for a reason, everyone there was so friendly! The Pacesetter runners from the Klang Valley that I made friends with, praised Kampar - its terrain, weather, scenery:D! Ethan, Kit Weng, Wei Kit, Yong Meng, Choon Seng, you guys should have come la.

Actually I was suppose to join this run alone cause Ethan and rest couldn't make it ;(. But at the eleventh hour, literally, I manage to persuade Ming Yeong to tag along :D. Meng Leong and Ming Yeong the unbeatable combo - try differentiating how to pronounce our respective names well :p. That's why we call him Rikuku - a much more exclusive and distinctive name.

7am :

Sleepy face #1

Sleepy face #2


The starting point - the Dataran near Grand Kampar Hotel.

Avid runners awaitingggg

Group Picture! Picture from Jamie Pang

Ready, Get Set, GO ! Picture from Jamie Pang

You can opt to run 4km or 8km and I choose to run the 8km route but a Pacesetter uncle told me it's a 9km + route. I didn't train much for the run, and I clocked 46 minutes 52 secs. Not too bad la :p. That Pacesetter uncle praised my pace and speed but gave me some guidelines to improve my long distance run in the future :).

Rikuku took this picture of me running.

Me running by the West lake ;). Picture from Jamie Pang

Captured just as I finished the run. Muka satisfied doh :p. - I still feel proud wearing my SMKDJ Athletics Vest :).

But in fact.. quite tired la :p.

Rikuku 'tired' as well after his 4km run. HAHA.


We were not required to do paper registration or even pay registration fee, but we were allowed to feast on kuih, fried noodles, cheecheongfun, porridge, watermelons, mineral water, and bananas in bad condition which the kinky aunties in their 50s call it 'LAN JIAO'.

The runners grabbing their share of breakfast.


Would be looking forward to more runs in the future :).

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