Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Siang, I will miss you.

Tuition Lai; Standard 2.
Computer Class; Standard 3.
I recall those times walking to your house at Taman Mayang just to play your newly bought Play Station 2 when I was merely Standard 4. You were so into Magic Cards that time.
Being primary kids, we bravely took taxi to Sunway Pyramid regularly. Ice skating remember?
As we step into secondary life, we remained classmates till Form2. Being in the same class with you was really, really enjoyable.
I truly believed my life got more of the fun factor after mixing with you.
We go outings together, we made so many new friends along our way, and still remained buddies.
Worked together at Bake with Yen with you and Yew Weng at KL, those dry pan mee were awesome.
Chinese New Year spent with you, Thian Hong and many other friends are what I look forward to beginning of every year.
Sleepovers, sleepovers.
Despite being in the different class, we still bonded well, hang out and there are too many memories to cherish with you. Arguably the most I ever had with any friend.
There are too many pleasant things be mentioned about you, it's listless.

We all have to grow up. I knew this day would come. I just didn't know I would actually feel so sad. I'm particularly close to you and Thian Hong, and now that you both are not around, I grew some sort of an empty feeling. Sorry for any things that I've done that hurt your feelings previously.

My long time buddy. All the best, take care and I will dearly miss you.

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