Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kampar Friendship Run 2009

Yes, anyone interested in joining the Kampar Friendship Run?

Things you would like to know about the run :
  • 6th September 2009
  • Non-competitive run
  • Available in 4km / 8km
  • You can call Mr. Chan at 012-5642532 or email him at for participation
  • Contact Wan Yew Leong at 019-356 9031 or email him at for more information.
  • Or, just check out this link KAMPAR RUN INFO
  • Grand Kampar Hotel Registration Form. Trust me, the hotel is a pleasant place to stay :).
Reason to join this run :
  • Enjoy the beautiful town of Kampar with hills and lakes surrounding it (If you've been following my blog you would have seen some of them, or you can check out my Kampar related posts).
  • I'm joining :).
  • Kampar's Fish Ball noodles,
    Chee Cheong Fun,
    Curry Chicken Bun,
    CB chicken biscuit,
    Claypot Chicken Rice and many more awaiting you here.
  • Some drinks and light snacks will be served after the run.
  • Kampar hunks/chicks are hot! (:
  • Or if you're just too bored of Kampar, Ipoh is just like 30mins drive away :).
Eh, Ethan, Wei Kit, Kit Weng, joining anot? :\



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