Thursday, October 08, 2009

1 year.

A year ago, I was courting Jac, with abundance of uncertainties and ambiguities. It was till a defining trip a year ago that clears the uncertainties - a trip to Genting Highlands. Our relationship kicked off then, and it's already been a year. So, we decided to cherish it by going Genting again.

1 day trip to Genting.

Jac having a good look at the map.


A good day at the peak, the weather was very welcoming, and it wasn't crowded.

Me before taking a shower. - Nah, Go-Kart. I was very disappointed, I feel more thrill even by cycling. :\

The Race Queen ready to show what she's good at - driving fast :p.

Jac on the Bumper Boat! Bump others hard!

Peddling the 'manual' boat :).


Later on, we met up with the 'Sg. Long' gang.

Sam loves peace!

Li Li loves peace!

Jac, you don't love peace? :| haha.


After that, I sat the Flying Coaster. It was thrilling, but heck it stinks!

Outside and inside the double decker :).

My favourite ride :D! Jac seems excited there, as that's her first time ;).

The fair ladies - Jac and Li Li :).

Dinosaurs at Dinosaur Land!

A group picture :).
Jac, it's been a year. A year of plenty, plenty of ups and downs, but we're still together cause we believe in and appreciate each other. I respect and salute you, for being able to accept my flaws, and embrace my strengths. Your love and devotion is pure, which is so, so hard to come by these days. You're one complex and yet a simple player in this Game of Love. Our disputes happened because we care for each other and we shall take heed from them and make us stronger than before. Let's cherish the sweet moments we had together and be prepare embark on new ones. &..
I love you babe.

What a gift, thank you very, much Jac, I love it :).

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yingxian said...

sorry its belated! but congratulations! and i tried to msg you the other day for to wish you happy belated birthday, but my msg didnt go through!! sooo yeah! :D happy belated birthday! and happy belated anniversary!

congrats on reaching the one year marker!! :)