Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Klang Centro Community Run 2009

I have several running events this few weeks, so I have been training 6 days a week. 11-10-2009 was the Klang Centro Community Run, with my UTAR friends Ah Lian and Zhen Yang tagging along. This is a milder run considering the distance is only 6km. During training, I clocked 24 minutes 35 seconds for 6km, not bad but not great either. But sadly for this run, I ran slower at 25 minutes 28 seconds. Ahh, and Klang runners are no noob man, not noob at all - they are damn good. Plus, there are foreign runners participating this run as well - from Kenya, Japan, etc. The Kenyan men grabbed the top 2 place for men open at the time of 17 minutes +. That was pure pwnage :|.

The top 250 would be able to win a medal and I reached my realistic target of being top 50 as I got 44th place out of... alot runners la :p. Ah Lian and Zhen Yang couldn't make it to top 250 but their efforts were credible :).

Oh, meet my new baby :) .

Zhen Yang, myself and Ah Lian before the run.

The turnout was quite good - thumbs up for Klang Pacers!

Moments before starting the race. Picture from Klang Pacers Athletic Club

After finishing the race - Zhen Yang and Ah Lian reading the free papers sponsored by Nanyang Siang Pau.

3 of us at the finishing line :)

The medal!


Posing in front of Centro -

Ah Lian

Zhen Yang

Me :).

3 of us again .. We did have an enjoyable morning judging from our bright faces :).

A solo picture and we're ready for our next MUST-DO agenda at Klang...


We went to a Restaurant at Taman Eng Ann,

Dry Bak Kut Teh

& of course the wet one.



Right after that I went to Genting AGAIN, but this time, with my UTAR friends. Will blog about it some other time, till then ;

Ciaoooo ;).

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