Tuesday, October 27, 2009

19th & Mizuno Wave Run 2009

This year's 19th celebration has been overshadowed by an unpleasant happening, which I might share it some other time.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who wished me on Facebook, text message, and even phone call from U.K. [*wink ;) Wei Kit] ...

the remaining Cengal bunch celebrated my 19th with me..

& Jac for the midnight surprise and being great company :).


Call me sad or what, I took part in Mizuno Wave Run on my birthday. Frankly, I was looking forward to the run more than my very own appreciation day. Not too hyped up for my birthday. Hmm.

The Mizuno Run was gonna take place at UPM. So on the eve of my birthday, I slept over at my Jac's house because on the next day, she could direct me to UPM, accompany and cheer for me for the run.

This year the first wisher through text messaging was the same person as last year's, Aunt Farah :D .


Back at Jac's house, she gave me a pleasant surprise at 12am sharp with 2 slices of Secret Recipe cakes :).

Thanks babe ;).


Next morning, at UPM's Sports Complex. UPM is so big - definitely bigger than the whole Tropicana area! They have a lovely running track which I strongly believe UTAR should have one too to promote running and athletics among students. Being at the track gave me a chance to rekindle my old sweet memories of athletics :).

The distance for this Mizuno Wave Run is more than 11km which I got 89th placing with the time 52 minutes and 36 seconds. I did better than I expected, I was predicting to get around top 200 as the top 500 runners are eligible for medals.

Stretching and warming up.


I registered this run together with Ah Lian which participated the previous Centro Run with me.

Meet Ah Lian a pro volleyball player but joined the run with the motive to - sweat out and keep fit.


Right before the start of the run at the starting line, I heard, "MENG LEONG!".
Guess who was there!

Kevin Wong! He's currently at IMU now, the same Uni as Joanne Pereira. Kevin's stamina is a whole lot better than mine I'm sure! He got 24th place compared to mine, 89th. Very good run my friend! Haha there's still room for improvement as for my case :).


The medal :)


Behind me is the place where we can have unlimited water, 7up Revive, Milo, cereal etc. But being around those booths, Jac described the place as if it was 'raining' - raining sweat that is :p.

To get my cup of 7up Revive, I have to go through a crowd of heavily perspiring runners to reach the booth as if it I was a car going through a car wash.

But nevertheless, I enjoyed the run :).


Ah Lian and I at the finishing line. The finishing line is such a turn on la, I cannot resist to sprint as I reached the final strecth back at the stadium track :).

Last but not least,

Jac and I - thanks for accompanying me, really glad you came and watch me run :).


At night, was a dinner at Damansara Village with the remaining Cengal bunch + Jac :).
Eh, Wei Kit, I thought you told me you were coming :\?
Special thanks to Yong Meng for the cake and organizing over such short notice,
Kar May, Sab and Joanne for the gift :).


Now I have a tormenting issue to settle with. Hopefully things get better.

1 advice : There are plenty of scams all around. Don't be too gullible.

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