Friday, November 27, 2009

Torn ligament, again.

Right a day after UTAR's Trekathon, I hurt myself while playing futsal at Kampar. The pain was excruciating, and found out that my ligament torn again. Thankfully, the injury came after the Trekathon. If not, I would have been deeply devastated. On the first day, I couldn't walk on my own will, which sucked totally. Although still yet to recover but I'm feeling much better now. Thank you for all those who potrayed your concern towards my injured ankle, especially Jac, which I truly appreciate :).

At Kampar, I had my first round of treatment at Kedai Ubat Aw Chee Kai at the Old Town.

The treatment did improve my condition, but still not good enough.


However I still can barely walk, so since I'm back at KL for the weekend, I decided to find Madam Hing at her new clinic at Kota Damansara to get her miraculously effective acupuncture treatment on my first injury 2 years ago. Much thanks to Thian Hong who introduced me to her last time :).

Needles on my swollen leg :\

Madam Hing setting up the electric current to be transmitted to the needles.

As sophisicated as it looks, I'm feeling much better now and hopefully I can get on running and football-ing again as soon as possible.


Ah yes, call me out guys, I'm back at KL for the long weekend:).
*but not for sports :(

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