Sunday, November 22, 2009

UTAR Trekathon 2009

After last month's Mizuno and Centro Run, I've cut down a lot of my jogging time, due to the hectic short semester. Lately I saw an online notice on UTAR Trekathon, I did not hesistate to register for it the next day as I missed last year's Trekathon at Bukit Gasing :\.

Last two days, I went back to my mum's hometown at Teluk Intan to visit my maternal grandparents and relatives with Jac tagging along.
Being at Teluk Intan is synonymous to being around good food! - Be it my grandma's cooking, mee rebus or chee cheong fun.

My uncle bought a generous number of durians from his friend's orchard, and declare - DURIAN PARTY!

I think I had too much durians, my body is feeling heaty and body acne starting to pop up :\. We went back Kampar early because I have Trekathon the following day.

I woke up at 3.30am, had Koko Crunch for breakfast, gathered at the Westlake guard house at 4.30am, but only started our journey at 5am. by the time we reached Lake Garden, KL, it's already 7.30am and my Koko Crunch was probably completely digested by then. I miss running at the Lake Garden, reminds me of last year's AdventuRun which was utterly enjoyable with Wei Kit, Joe and Yu Szen.

Frankly, I presume this race would not be so competitive. But the other competitors definitely proved me wrong - so wrong.

For this trekathon, I got 2nd. Although still second fastest among all the runners there but still SECOND BEST ARGH :(. Satisfied I got a medal, but disappointed I didn't push myself more to get 1st. Probably travelling in such cold condition from Kampar and run straight after isn't the best thing to do. I did warm-ups but my body still felt cold. Actually at the 7th minute, my calf muscle is already going against my will to run but the race must go on. I clocked 21 minutes 41seconds - they mentioned the distance is 6km but I doubt so.

Anyone know where I can get a device to measure running pace and distance?

UTAR Trekathon, don't play play.

Trekathon participants warming up led by Mr. Das.

Prize presentation. Look who's helping out with the prize presentation, ex-DJian Grace Chow!

Satisfactory Silver : |.

UTAR Trekathon winners!

With Kim Hou, Wai Loon before heading back to boring Kampar.


Watch out Trekathon participants, I will be back stronger, better next year :).