Thursday, November 18, 2010

UTAR Christian Fellowship Sports Day 2010

Firstly, I've been commonly deemed as a Christian by others, mainly because the main language I speak is English and my minimal knowledge in Chinese.
My friends will go, "Meng Leong you're a Christian right? Cause you look like one."

Apparently the truth has deceived many, I'm in fact a Buddhist. Not the most staunch Buddhist around, but that's my religion. However, to be honest, I've attended more Christian activities and gatherings than Buddhist's. Christian activities have always been enjoyable because majority of the Christians are very friendly and I'm always amazed by the fellowship they have. Peer influence have definitely played a role in this, as many of the people of my age range joins Christian activities, making them seem more 'youthful' than Buddhist activities. Among the Christian activities I've been to are Church concerts, competitions, and mass gathering.

No intention on starting a religion debate here, just sharing my point of view. With all respect to Buddhism, I am actually more inclined to being a free-thinker. I simply believe it is important that we have respect on living beings around us and perform good deeds and ethics, as no religion would ever encourage sinful activities. 


Recently I've joined a couple of Chirstian Fellowship (CF)'s activities in Kampar, because I've been invited by my friends who are in it. Appreciate the fact that they welcome me despite not being a member of CF :). The most notable activity I've joined was the UTAR CF Sports Day.

Initially I thought, "Cool, finally Sports Day like the good old school days! Track events!" 

Haha but I misinterpreted 'Sports Day' wrongly, the sports were actually referring to Captain Ball competition. I've played captain ball a number of times during secondary days, so I thought why not, it's gonna be fun :).

Held on a public holiday (Deepavali), early in the morning at an empty grass field at Kampar New Town. Met familiar faces there, and made new friends as well. I finally met Florencetina who was one of the organizers. She is Wei Guan's friend from Taman SEA after hearing Wei Guan mention about her for a number of times :).      
Haha do we look like convicts waiting to be prosecuted?

The crowd listening to briefing gave by Ngee Derk.
After being divided into our respective groups, we were given 15 minutes to come up with a team cheer as well as discuss formation. My group, lead by Carmen, was named the 'Red Riding Hood' :p.

Red Riding Hood performing our team cheer :)
Group discussion on how to be competitively ahead of others in the following matches

Being tall will definitely give you the upper hand in almost every sport, including a game of captain ball. In this competition that comprises both girls and guys, girls would be awarded 2 points for each successful point they 'score' and marking girls are not allowed to make things fair :).

 The first match for our team was against 'Hard Gay' which was lead by Kelvin who ironically is the CF President. The word 'gay' is usually not associated to someone like a Christian Fellowship President haha. But they're a fun, sporting bunch of people :).

Check out Hard Gay's team captain, Kelvin doing his infamous Hard Gay pose! Haha
This is me with the ball, I look so tensed as if I was playing rugby :P. Damn, I miss rugby days with the Cengal bunch :\.
My team came in second best in our first match against the Hard Gay in a closely competitive game, which means we will continue the competition in a lower league among the 'losers' :p. We changed strategy and played our hearts out and we eventually won Champion, in the 'losers' league :P. & Hard Gay were the overall Champion, well done!

The new friends I've made, my Red Riding Hood team mates ;)
This is when Ngee Derk announce us as the 'champion from the loser league' and giving us credit 'for not giving up'. Haha look at Tom's face receiving the wooden sword with obvious triumph expression.
Group photo :D
Once again, thanks for inviting to such activities and looking forward for more to come! A pleasure to mingle with each and everyone of you there ;).

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Lady melody said...

hey, melody from CF here, so glad to hear that you loved to join us...we all love to have you with us as well !! do come and join us for more activities!! =D