Monday, November 22, 2010

UTAR Trekathon 2010

Knowing UTAR does not have track and field events, UTAR Trekathon is the only running competition they have - at the moment. With students from all 4 campuses, Kampar, Sg Long, PJ and Setapak, as well as alumni and other universities, it is actually a fairly big event. After winning 1st runner up last year, of course I came back this year looking to kill the ghost in me, and get 1st. But sadly, I failed myself. Running the race under glaring hot sun with tricky terrain, I only manage to get 4th place clocking 17 minutes 32 minutes for a distance of 4.5km? It is hard to hide my disappointment, after the training I've done, foregone midterm, and missed Penang Bridge Marathon.

Losing only mean I have to step up my gear, no excuses when there are actually so many people who can do better. I treat disappointments like a wake-up slap to cut off slack. Of all people, Kai Fu gave me some words to think of, "Meng Leong, it's okay you didn't win, probably luck wasn't at your side. Sometimes despite having the ability and without luck, we can actually lose. It's like when I have no luck even some noob can pwn me in DoTA." hahaha. 

Well done Chris, Sheng Wang, Jian Hong and Ying Sern for running the Trekathon! You guys did very good. *Clap. Especially Chris who actually had nasi lemak before running. Haha. Jason and Pui Shi dropped by to support us and made the whole morning more memorable :).

This year, it is held at some big ass lake garden at Kepong, Taman Metropolitan. Distance claimed is 6km which I highly doubt.


This year, there is an additional tug-of-war telematch in the agenda. Among the 4 groups participating are UTAR Kampar, UTAR Klang Valley, Open Category, and Staff. As we gather the boys from Kampar for tug-of-war..

Haha macam buffalo ini. Our 87kg anchor :D
Ahhh, so worn out after the grueling pull
After defeating the Staff team, we move on to the finals against the Open Category which apparently is too robust for us Kampar team to handle. Finally, we settled for 1st runner up for tug-of-war.


Not long later is the prize giving ceremony.

Mr. 4th place receiving certificate from Dr. Teh
Kampar tug-of-war team receiving a carton of Soyfresh as prize lol.
Top 10 winners from every category :) 
Cheerful Kampar bunch :D
This is Jason, Sheng Wang, Jian Hong, Pui Shi, Chris, myself and Ying Sern(from L-R) at the starting line.
With Jason and Jian Hong ;)
With Bi Chai, who currently studies at KBU ;)
Sexy Chris with Pui Shi, Ying Sern, Jason and myself.
Us again, this time posing at the finishing line :)

At the end of the day, I believe there is no point for me to sulk and I should just move on and pledge to improve myself. 

"Train hard, win easy" - a quote made famous by Kenyan runners.

I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

walao~~~ make fun of me larr... teasing on me.. I know I noob...
not as pro as u runner ma.. sad case... somemore cramp like shit somemore =(

MengLeong said...

LOL not teasing la, just specifically say that you did well and prove your doubters wrong :).. Good run man. We can join more runs together in the future hehe