Saturday, October 30, 2010

The big Two O'

On 25th October, I finally can call myself a man in his twenties. We're indeed getting older, embracing life lessons and accepting more responsibilities. Although things have really changed drastically from the previous year, I would like to hammer the thought to myself, that all these changes are for the better. Although I look content in expression, my heart is shrieking on loneliness, dwelling on the past.

Damn it how come every time I blog, I will somehow express unpleasant thoughts. 
Listening to sad old love songs sure are having its effects on me. But I can't help it they're just so good and meaningful!

Anyway, days before my birthday, I was expecting to pass my 20th in a low note, hence not having any high expectations. But on the 23rd October, I traveled back to PJ from Kampar to celebrate with my family and friends. Had a simple lunch with family at a Thai Restaurant (I'm one who truly adore sour and spicy delicacies). Then at night, dinner at Skewers, Subang Avenue with Ser Siang, Yong Meng, Kar May, Sabrina, Choon Seng and Weng Hoe. Skewers serve awesome grilled food and burgers which are very reasonably priced. Definitely a place worth visiting :). 

Cheers :D

Scrumptious food served :)
First pint to many more beer to come that night :p

Myself, Kar May, Ser Siang, and missing Esther :P
Kar May with pint of Hoegaarden beer haha. Don't worry that's not hers but mine :P.
We former Kempas bois :). Thank you both for the Fred Perry shirt!
Pretty Kar May and Sabrina :)
So far the best Tiramisu I ever had! Added with a dash of Brandy, I heard Yee Ming(Yong Meng's sis) contributed to the recipe. No wonder it taste so good ;)

I wished :).
Thank you, every single one of you! Love you all :).
After Skewers, we moved on to Piccadilly at Millenium Square for round 2 beer drinking session, with addition of Khy Li, Zhi Lei and Vincent. As far as I know, we always drink more than we ought to. Initially the plan was I spend everyone 2 towers of beer, but at the end, we all had 4 towers. Monster x)!

Taman Megah friends :), and with Khy Li's girlfriend Zhi Lei
Bromance ;).
Yong Meng claimed he couldn't drink too much because he has a political reputation to protect :P.
Everybody that night :).

That night I think I drank a little too much, alright not a little, definitely too much. Enough said :p.


After an awesome day back at PJ, the following day, my birthday eve, I'm back at Kampar. At night, Wei Hoong called me and asked me to watch football at mamak together, I agreed because I have no plans spending my birthday eve, and watching football is fine with me.

Soon, Wei Hoong picked me up and he said he got to return to his house to get something before going mamak. So I thought, no problem let's go his house.

As I enter his house..

They actually had a surprise mini celebration awaiting me! :)
Yummylicious pancake served with Vanilla ice-cream and Hershey's chocolate syrup. Prepared by Wei Hoong, Hor Yi, Xin Wei and Edmund :)
Definitely earned the thumbs up from me :)!
Chit-a-chat session ^^
Still staying close to our previous plan, watching football x)
Thank you dear residence of 1925 x)

Later on, we moved on to play DoTA with Mark, Kai Fu, Sun Hoe, Ah Lian, Chris and Sun Hoe's 3 other friends. This is the first time I spend the very beginning of my birthday(12am, 25th Oct) playing DoTA, while last 2 years I spent that with my very special someone.

DoTA with them are always fun, filled with laughter. Though playing DoTA might sound pathetic, but I wasn't sad a single bit :).

On my birthday itself, I spend most of the day eating and shopping at Ipoh with Chris, Kai Fu and Sun Hoe. Bromance, loving it. We shopped, tried clothes on, bought 'em, watched movie hehe. It's kinda queer that we watched a touching romance movie. But nonetheless, I enjoyed it, and hope you guys did too ;).

Back to Kampar for dinner at East Ocean Restaurant, together with Kai Fu, Sin Wei, Chris, Wei Hoong, Hor Yi, Edmund, Xin Wei, Sun Hoe and Ah Lian, which was my treat :).

Guess what was on the agenda after that? DoTA hahaha.

After a couple of hours DoTA, I was supposed to be home and supposed to be surprised by Denise, Yinli and Wan Kien ahaha. But I was too caught up playing with the boys, sorry to you three :P.

We had really funny conversations and chit chat for really long while sipping on the red wine Wei Hoong and the rest gave me :).


Lots of thanks for my family took care of me, shaping me who I am today,
Thank you Jolynn for the Nike T-3 Futsal shoe,
Thank you Thian Hong for the phone call,
Thank you Ser Siang and Yong Meng for the Fred Perry shirt,
Thank you Kar May, Sabrina and Joanne for the Padini shirt,
Thank you Choon Seng for the Protein Shake,
Thank you Wei Hoong, Hor Yi, Xin Wei and Edmund for the red wine and cake,
Thank you Yinli, Denise and Wan Kien for the cake,
Thank you all who wished me through Facebook and text message, really appreciate it.

& the endless gratitude I would actually wish to express to the countless number thoughtful people around me. I'm truly blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life.

In a nutshell, I have to say I had an awesome 20th birthday :).

When there is up, there is down.
When there is joy, there is despair.

Two days after my birthday, my paternal grandfather left to meet his Creator. He lived 95 years of blessed life, leaving behind faithful and loving children, in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
"Yeh Yeh, you'll be dearly missed and I will study hard like how you asked me to"

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