Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mizuno Wave Run 2010

I truly believed I've lost the drive, the motivation to blog. I need you back, my dear blogging mojo. 

Anyway, cut the moping moments. Last Sunday, my last day of semester break, I participated in the Mizuno Wave Run, at UPM, Serdang. However, things are just different as compared to last year's Mizuno Wave Run. I wished you were there by my side, like you did last year. 

Anyway, this year we ran the same route as last year's, approximately 11km. My performance has been below par. Last year I clocked 53 minutes and this year 55 minutes 16 seconds. Last year I got 89th placing and this year 92th out of 1580 in the Men Open Category. What the hell, I need not say further, I'm personally very disappointed with myself. In running, I only accept the fact that as time passes, I get better and better. But in reality, I slacked and slapped in the face by the disheartening truth. I pledge to intensify and step up my training. No more slacking!

Anyway, congratulations to all who completed the 11km Mizuno Wave Run for the very first time! I hoped the morning has been a pleasant experience all way through :).

 Alright the morning started at 5.30am, picked up Khai Sim and Jolynn from their respective houses and drive all the way to UPM, Serdang, reaching there like around 6.30am.

This year's Mizuno Wave Run, I met a lot of familiar faces there, Xin Wei, Edmund, Meng Yoei, Hui Chuin, Kevin, Yu Szen's parents, Jensen and many more. It's obvious that the running thrills and awareness have been expanding rapidly.

This is 3 of us posing with the main board with acknowledgements to sponsors and organizers.

Khai Sim

Picture with,

People from Penang! (Edmund & Xin Wei) as well as 2 of their friends 

This is a picture of me running in constipation :).

Finishing the run early is great. Why?

The primary reason is you can get quench your thirst by the sponsored 7up Revive or Milo :). I drank a total of 12 cups of 7up Revive at one go and an additional 2 cups of Milo, yeap I am indeed very thirsty.

Secondly only medal and personal satisfaction :). Nah, I'm kidding, medal and personal satisfaction have always prevail over the latter.


After changing to a new dry clothing, we stumble this group of runners from the Philippines. They asked if I could spare them my medal for them to take photo for remembrance, and without a doubt I said yes. They came from thousands of kilometers away, that's the least we could do as a form of hospitality :).

3 of us with the friendly bunch of Philippinos :).
Khai Sim, myself and Jolynn complementing the Mizuno board.

& like it was last year, Kevin participated in this Mizuno Run as well. He's the opposite of me, as I'm getting lousier, he's getting better. Kevin clinched an impressive 18th placing out of 1580 men runners with a timing of 47 minutes? Very very impressive. Way to go man! Congratulations!

Kevin and I
IMU's new recruit :p
Jump shot x)


Last few group pictures.

Penang boys boleh!

All together.

Last but not least, what we took home from the race.

Goodie bag!

Hmm I highly doubt I can participate for the coming Penang Bridge Marathon :\.

Till next time, I'll see you all around :).

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