Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fellow Foundation-mates.

During secondary days, it is easy to mix around and stay connected with schoolmates. Having same school schedule, going tuition together and so on. But as we grow older and move on in life, it is getting harder in staying in touch with our friends. 

During my 1 year of Foundation in UTAR's PJ campus, I meet people from different walks of life. Some I still keep contact with, became close friends, but some I have not even met for almost 2 years! I'm someone who place great significance in relationships, and that includes friendship.

After reminiscencing on the good old Foundation times we had in 2008 - it was short yet memorable and now it is only something we call, memory. Then, I was thought it's time we meet up again, for old times sake and make that memory we had even more memorable.

On the 2nd of October, Pui Yee called me at night and came up with an impromptu gathering. 

Wei Bin, myself, Pui Yee, Kelly, Jason and Wei Hoong
TA2 attendants at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, SS2. Despite organizing it on a really short notice, 6 of us turned up anyway. It's funny how we've gone different pathways. Only half of us are still studying in UTAR. 

It was great catching up and seeing them ;).


Last week, on one of the weekdays which I can't recall, we went against the clock and the timing norm. Wei Hoong, Kai Fu, Jason, Wei Bin and I gathered at Kepong to play DoTA at a not-so-great cyber cafe after 12am. If I'm not mistaken we played for around 4 hours and then we head to Jalan Ipoh for breakfast. Yoohoo for adventurous people! :D


7th October was the bigger gathering I organized, at 1Utama. Obviously it's tough gathering 20 plus people with 20 different agendas, thus I'm gratified with the people who turned up :).

Lunch at Nando's

Later on we move on to Batting Cages!

The big group on the upper roof. L-R : Jason, Wen Kit, Liang Yin, Chai Yeng, myself,  Pui Yee, Sun Hoe, Kelly, Wei Hoong, Pui Shi, Jia Ding and Christina.

More Kodak moments at the garden located at the lower ground floor :).


After that, we move on to Desa Park City to have our dinner. 

Well, in the park, there are countless numbers of active joggers and also canine lovers letting their pet playing on the grass and mingle around!


The gang with 2 of the many dogs there :).


Dinner time!

Steamboat Dinner, the food they serve are decent and fresh! Wouldn't mind going there to eat again, but too bad I forgotten the name, but still remembered the location ;).

 Lamb set for Pui Yee and I, and Beef set for Liang Yin :)

After loading our tummy, we strolled around the park

*more photos can be found on Facebook

Thank you all for making the gathering happen, I'm positive there will be another one in the future. With the incoming one with possibly more attendance! Till next time, tata!  

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