Friday, March 09, 2007

Did I mention I was in the choir?

This post is kinda overdue-d.

Around... mid January if I'm not mistaken, we got a little excited and enthusiastic about joining the choir. I was dragged by Miss Tomato aka Joanne Chong to participate, and the choir was like the most happening thing around the first month of schooling.

For the very first hurdle, our school was given the call to perform in conjunction of the launching of The Blueprint, The Ninth Malaysian Plan by the Ministry of Education.

You know, we get perform in front of the Prime Minister, VVIPs, and many more. Its kinda huge, so Pn Cecilia gave her stimulating talks, that scared the nerves of most of us, or maybe everyone? She mentioned a whole lot of pressure is on her, to make sure everything goes well and nothing heading out of track.

She's so strict and possessive on us, none of us dared to double-cross her when she speaks. There's once when she asked a question to a girl, that girl replied "Yeap" instead of the distinctive "Yes" Pn Cecilia wanted to hear. We all were programmed to reply her "yes" that day on, reminding us not to be too casual to her.

So the after several tough practices, we were geared up for the real thing. We were restricted from ice water, dairy products, food that contain lots of sugar that might provoke phlegm, spicy food and all. But if you're not aware, me to spicy food is like... a cow to grass? So I had no abstinence, and ate spicy food, but of course, I had less compared to my usual consumption.

The real thing happened at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.hmm that place, very nice.

the seats.


The cafeteria there serves scrumptious food. We were given free meals etc. When we feel hungry, we visit the cafeteria which we thought would cost a hole in our wallet. However, we were utterly wrong as the teh ais was just... RM1 or RM1.20? Good food, cheap price, majestic surrounding, isn't that a good deal?

At the convention centre, it was truly a waiting game. In my opinion, we wasted far too much time. To kill the time and distinguish the guilt, Kit Weng and I do Terry's Add Maths tutorial questions together.


omg, Clickfive?

omg omg. is this like, Clickfive x2?or is it Clickten?omg ahh.

the girls.*yawn*.


This 60+ people choir group performed pretty well, or at least I thought so. Haha, funny moments with those EXTREMELY SENSITIVE voice picking mikes. After that, all we received was positive feedbacks. Hey, not bad for a part-timer/beginner/bathroom singer like me.=p

That's one big group right there.


But now I quit from the choir already. Reason? I think I have pretty preoccupied and have strong commitments on other stuffs. So, yeah.

Oh its holiday by the way. Why don't I feel the thrill of enjoying holiday like I used to?


On a lighter note, I admire the passion of the 14 year old boys on creating team blog. Very catchy, with team manager, video trailer, fanclub, signing FUTSAL DEAL, haha its really cool.

There might be a possibility BoysFromBalau and infernofc? might be the current hottest blog among the form2s=b.

That futsal deal is something really new to me. Hmm who knows in the future, we need to sign a deal to get a girlfriend?

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