Saturday, March 17, 2007


good things in life are hard to find - its not over/chris daughtry

Wednesday night, I was all so busy pushing my fellow 4x100m mates, Basil, Khairil to train on Thursday morning.

Khairil : Haiya lazy laa.
Basil : We DJians, no need to train one.

Well for Justin, I couldnt contact cause he was away the whole day to play computer game?And his handphone was stolen.

Actually they are eager to do well, so the bottom line is, the training on Thursday morning is on.


Things didn't go my way though.

For dinner, I ate "siew kai", also known as roasted chicken. Those of you that know my bad eating habit, I also had a large amount of chillies. Before I sleep, I had a tummy upset. It was so bad, I didn't even touch the scrumptious supper that my dad bought. Even my sisters felt weird, as I usually wallop everything before they even get the chance to hold the chopstick.

So instead of joining the gang for supper, I decided to finish Terry's Trial Examination paper. When I'm only just half way through, my tummy ache so badly, I rub on some "Fong Yau" , the oilment with the sign on an arm holding an axe and went to bed right away. It was 1am then.

Around 2am, I couldn't stand it anymore, my body's telling me "Go to the toilet, you need to reject some of these stuffs in your alimentary canal." I throw up a large amount of "stuffs". Thought the pain's over, so I brushed my teeth again and go back to dreamland.

One hour later, the pain strikes again. I vomitted almost every single thing possible. I can feel some of the "rejected item" were around my chest and it was tough to get them out. Soon, I find myself coughing out a small amount of blood. Things got worst, I had loose motion. Once again I figured "man, this night sucks. it couldn't get worst."

At around 4am plus, my body proved me wrong again. I rushed to my washroom and start rejecting food out again, probably what's left in the previous "rejecting attempts". It felt like I'm going to vomit my gut out, seriously. The routine of coughing out blood happened again.

My body felt extremely cold, so instead of switching off the air-con to my brother's discomfort, I moved to an unoccupied room and slept there. I had Panadol before that because my head was aching.

I couldn't make it for softball training at 7.30am, my body didn't allow me to do so. My dad brought me to a clinic to be attended by a general doctor. Dr. Wong gave me tablets and pills, off we go cause I know I have to attend our 4x100m training after all the trouble of getting everyone together.

As I reached the school, I was motionless. But I'm telling my body, "Do it, do it". I never felt worst, as 3 rounds of jogging seems like the longest distance I ever jogged. Then when we do sprinting, again I felt like vomitting.

I couldn't help much but to lie down helplessly. Justin, Basil and Khairil were very understanding towards my difficulty, so we didn't do much. After forcing myself to do a few sprints, my body really couldn't take it anymore. So, we stopped.

I lay down on the cement pavement near the hall, like a dead corpse. My body was really feeling very, very uneasy. Basil was being an angel(angel, haha) by offering Justin and I a ride home. I felt so uneasy until I couldn't even direct Basil's mom the way to my house. Fortunately, Justin was there and he did the directing.

As soon as I reached home, I ran to the toilet and start vomitting. You must be guessing,

"Eh this Meng Leong, vomit vomit so many times, still got what to vomit out?"

To end your wild guess, I rejected PLAIN WATER, that I drank before I did sprinting.

I showered, and went straight to bed. Skipped Terry's tuition and dining at Lion Betti's house. My maid prepared "mee swa", but I was motionless, I couldn't even force myself up from the bed. Around 4pm, I finally got that tiny winy energy to move to that bowl of "mee swa" placed in my room. Guess what, it was attacked by ants. Great.

So I chose biscuits to be my lunch. I tried munching them by its not getting down. So I got Shandy to help my push the biscuits down my throat.

Well you only need half a brain to guess what I did next. If you have half a brain, I went back to bed again. Slept till 9pm, my maid prepared "mee swa" again for dinner=_=. zzzzzz.

I only have the appetite to finish half the bowl. And damn, I rushed to the toilet and rejected the "mee swa". ARGH. What the hell is in my body now? Just biscuits and Shandy?
Now I'm right, I've always thought Shandy is the Real Thing.


The following day, I felt better, but not that good. So I forced myself to attend the Current/Past Board of Directors lunch, at Kim Gary.

I ordered Boiled Coke with Ginger, which I thought would be suitable for an unwell dude like me, but the taste of it is sooooooooooooooo bad. Kim Gary even serves other beverages such as...

"Milk with egg, Water with egg..."



The idea of mixing water or milk with egg is like drinking the mixture of vinegar with additional lime juice? That's so wrong.
Mhmm I don't like waste money on stuffs I dislike, but if any of you find such drinks worth trying, tell me.

My mom, being old fashioned and superstitious, she figured my bad condition is due to "disturbance of spirits", rather than just food poisoning. So she made me drank talismanic water, hoping it would cure me.

Friday wasn't that bad, I stopped rejecting food:D.


This morning I was asked by Cheeming to play for his team against Joshua's team. I mentioned I'm not feeling well but he insisted me to turn up. Both team have this little rivalry going on.

I thought I'm back fit, so I started running around. Then my body proved me wrong again>=(. I really really couldn't run. So I practically stood there and did nothing much. The kids did most of the job and the score was 2-2 by half time. My tummy got upset AGAIN, I couldn't stand it anymore so I went home. Plus, it was raining quite unforgivingly.


Now, I'm just worried how am I gonna do in KL International Marathon tomorrow morning. Am I gonna run, and start vomitting? Or should I just walk? I want medaaaaaaal=(. But most likely won't be getting any medal tomorrow. Sigh.

To rub some salt on the wound, my MSSD 4x100m is on Monday. GREAT. Or the regular Dota players would say, "GG la."
Eh, in case things got worst, who wanna take my place as the third runner?


SianG said...

Nvm ml...the unthinkable will save the day. I will save you and sacrifice to be the third runner.haha i would probably faint halfway.

MengLeong said...

haha i'll keep that in mind!

Nimalan D said...

ahha wei kit and ethan run wan meh?

MengLeong said...


weikit with his famous 1.5m :D.

ethan with his infamous "3rd leg"..

they're talented:).

kikie* said...

water and egg? the expression on the left kid's face says it all. ugh.
you feeling better or still all haywired?

Nimalan D said...

ahha okayyyyyy.1.5 m and 3rd leg eh

MengLeong said...

kirsten : feeling way better now:D!

nimalan : haha try them!

debra fong said...


You got food poisoning but still drink Shandy.
A bit the wrong right?

But quite keng ar,drink Shandy when your tummy feels like crap.

MengLeong said...

its to enable myself to shallow the biscuits.

i just wanted something different, rather than just plain water:p