Friday, March 02, 2007

i belong to myself.

Rare update. I just couldn't find the passion like I used to have working on this blog last time. I might not be as busy as a bee, but sorry to say, please don't expect many updates or whatsoever.

Right, Chinese New Year was nice, but not great.
Like I predicted, no ThianHong, no fun laaa.


On the 24th Feb was Natalia's birthday. It took place at Riana Green and its a pool party. Guess who I saw there?

Marion Caunter!
In a dark pink spaghetti top with shorts!
Haha, SerSiang thought she was some girl attending Nat's party=p.
damn, she's gorgeous.

Later on, Sonia saw HANNAH TAN.

I mean like, what the hell, I don't mind camping there to wait for them to pass by again! Who wants to join me?

SerSiang, Dina and I felt a bit out of place but HengJoon is lifeless and lame enough to entertain us, haha.


Lately, I participated in MSSD zon track and field and I took part in 4x400m and 4x100m.
We did badly for 4x400m, we got 5th.
Justin's the first runner, we thought he could give us a lead but no, he was d 5th to arrive and me, YongMeng and Eugene couldnt do much to catch up with the runners ahead.

Well for 4x100m, we got 1st in our saringan.
In the finals, the baton passing between me and Khairil wasnt perfect and we got 4th.
For the coming MSSD, we have no choice but to train much harder.

The girls, YiChing, Liwei, Sofia and gang did pretty well and proceed to MSSD.

damn, off to revise.

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