Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dj Leo's IU Day 2007

If you're happening and hot, you probably attended or at least wanted to attend Dj Leo's IU Day today.

I've got to admit the IU flowed kind of smooth and the turn out was way exceeding my expectation. Thank you to all for the support, really.

Joanne Pereira is a real wonderwoman, she amazes me at most times, well close to everytime. Her presence back from UK is definitely a major plus point for our club.


Right, let's talk about our performances. We have great singers, bands.
The stomp was kinda catchy.

Yu Szen would probably win the declaration as Mr IU, if such title exist.
His performance with Jebat and John Khor beat-boxing the song "How Deep Your Love" by Bee Gees was awesome, I enjoyed it.
Way to go, Yu Szen!

Haha, if you watched the drama, I know which scene you've got stuck in your head.Haha.
Was it the part when the slutty nurse comes out with the syringe and squirt water out?

Sai Mun you're great la. hahaha

Oh, did you watch Mickymitez?
Ok I have something to share. We had our first and last real practice this Saturday morning itself. The scissors paper stone was figured by me last night, the thought of me carrying SerSiang and my "extra" ass shaking part were results of brainstorming early this morning.
My "extra" ass shaking thingie was done ON PURPOSE, so don't think I'm a forgetful boy and all right.

Mickymitez happened after a grueling session of persuation.
At the end, only 10 of us strike that mini white shorts and tight Mickymitez tee and performed.

Thanks YongMeng,
& Yu Szen for sacrificing abit of ur macho-ness to perform again this year.

It was fun last year, and this year too right?
(although it means sacrificing our macho-ness in that "fun" process) haha


How did you all find the IU today?
I know its hot and stuffy. I felt it badly too.
Drop a comment and give me a feedback=).


Oh and MSSD Softball's this coming Monday!

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