Saturday, April 28, 2007

Triumph of Team Jane.

We've got this very late futsal competition invitation which takes place at Sultan Abdul Samad School.

The competition required a minimum amount of 2 girls in the futsal team.
So we've come out with the team name, Team Jane.
Which consist of,
Lee Jane,
& myself.

Basil's dad ferry 6 of us there excluding Jane herself because she lives near there. As we reached there we were informed futsal starts an hour later, because there will be Human Foosball.

So we all decided to participate in it.
The Human Foosball game was rather fun, isn't it :D?

Very enjoyable indeed, and our team emerged as the Champion of Human Foosball :D.


At intervals, CheeYen, Daniel and Jesse couldn't resist playing basketball..

Daniel : "Take my picture!"


CheeYen : "Faster faster take me also."
*Daniel goes in.


Later on was the futsal matches.

So as Jane was practicing shots on goal, Jane suddenly has the enormous burst of energy and kicked the ball so high up and it got stuck at the top of a bamboo tree. Look at what shopping has done to the strength of these girls' leg. Haha.

Thankfully, we've got Ninja Goalie aka Jesse Liew Wern Cai. He got hold of a Ninja Staff and performed The Ancient Art of Poking and he rescued the ball :D.

Jane played every game as it was a condition that at least 2 girls per team got to be on the court.

The competition wasn't all serious, but we did perform well and won every matches.

Oh oh and Jane got a very good shot on target which forced and instantaneous save by the keeper. Great effort!

All goes well except the part Basil hurt his ankle, and we emerged as Champion of Futsal :D!

Jane claims taking picture while tilting the camera is "artistic".

and right before we go home, CheeYen randomly kicked a ball up and ball landed in a monsoon drain.

Thankfully, we have this dude to lend a hand.


Guided by Jane and accompanied with super lame jokes and lame remarks by Daniel & Jesse, we walked to a coffee shop and did our little "celebration", haha.

enjoyable day it is!

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