Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's Over.

MSSD Softball, one of the most anticipated event of the year gone through just like that. I thought we, DJians did rather well and it was my pleasure to do a little bonding with my fellow softball mates.

The Under-18 Boys and Girls clinched 1st runner up. While the Under-15 girls were 2nd runner up. Sadly, the Under-15 boys have no placing.

No MSSS for me and most of the DJians because it clashes with our mid term exams. Damn.

And that marks the end of softball for me.


The following week, was MSSD Volleyball. This year was undoubtedly the most disappointing one, we lost at the early stage of quarterfinals. As for your information, we constantly use to be the while 1st runner up in the Petaling District. Well, not anymore.


On top of all that, at the end of the week, was Mr. Chia's final day in SMKDJ. He's appointed to be a lecturer at some Maktab Perguruan. A sudden news, it definitely got a few of us stunned when we first heard the news of him leaving.

He must be loved by the students, you guys got to envy to see the gifts he received!
He has been great throughout his service in this school, it's definitely a lost to see him leave.

So my MSSD(s) are done, I should be sitting down in front of the book and start acting like a nerd(i've got to try very hard then, haha).


Oh oh guess who's birthday are just around the corner?

27th April ,


30th April ,


4th May ,


7th May,


10th May,

(now, my blog's a better place to drop by, hehe)


They have something in common.
They're great girls that had earned their respective place in my heart:).

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kikie* said...

Arghhh bimbim. that picture! so not ngam to present as "b'day girl".

but come to think of it. its not that bad. that's probly me pouting for presents eh eh ?