Friday, April 06, 2007

Kirsten's tag tag tag.

5 things found in your bag (a bag for? sports outing?):
  • Extra shirt.
  • My phone.
  • Drinking water.
  • Light snacks.
  • Geography Notes.(IM JOKING.)

5 things found in your purse / wallet :
  • money money.
  • my ic.
  • name cards.
  • notes that reminds me of the past.
  • the card with the picture of us which I used to go ga-ga last time.

5 favorite things in your room :

  • MY BED<3.>
  • a small-sized English Premier League ball.
  • the television.
  • my ankle weights.
  • photos, photos and lots of photos.

5 types of people : (that i fancy?)
  • someone who is more gorgeous than the word gorgeous. (HANNAH TAN HANNAH TAN)
  • food lovers are my best friends.
  • runaholics!
  • people who work towards their goal.
  • responsible and respect others.

5 things you’ve always wanted to do / try :
  • Somersault!
  • a holiday trip for a couple!(Maldives, Paris...)
  • pick a guitar.
  • ace in dancing.
  • be the Olahragawan.(impossible=(,but it was SO close back then when I was form2)
5 things you're currently into :
  • being a runaholic.
  • football or futsal with Daniel, Basil and gang!
  • baking/cooking!
  • English Premier League and the Champions League.
  • Mc Donald's!

5 people you tag :
  • I don't think you guys want to do this tag do you?=p

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