Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V-day & 55.

Picture by StickGal

Guys with girlfriend/girlfriends/fling/friend/wife/boyfriend and wish to follow the trend and impress her/him/them on this very, very overrated 14th February, take out your wallet and do your thing.

Girls, don't forget to be/act like you're really impressed and 'over-joyed'. Layan back a bit with some display of affection, maybe? haha

Good luck all :).


I suggest you dump the idea of buying flowers.
Yes, it is a fancy gift and suit the occasion but..
I still think it's not a very bright idea as all of it are rather short-lifted.
Sorry dear florists.


A quote by Candice Ng Le-Ching. A must feature on my blog since she's acting kinda wise which is a RARE case for Candice.

Candice quoted;
"aiyoo, valentines is overrated la.
think about it ; if you really love someone, why would you only choose ONE DAY to express it. you should be doing it ALL THE TIMEEE."



& Weng Fai flew off to Australia yesterday night.

Take care
Bobo aka '55' / FaiFai.
I know you're looking forward to studying at Australia.
See you soon.

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