Sunday, February 10, 2008

Everyone loves Chinese New Year! <3

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

Awesome blossom. I love Chinese New Year.

It's not only about the food and ang pow, it's the company and gathering that matters, as well as celebrating the year that has gone by and also to usher the new year.


Let me guess, you were unwell around the Pre-Chinese New Year period?
I know a number of people who were sick, probably due to some virus probably?
& yeap, I was one of the many who fell sick.

Well, I recovered on the eve of Chinese New Year! woot and my taste buds were finally working!

On the eve, we Lums have our reunion dinner at my uncle's place at OUG like we always do.


On the first day of CNY, I returned to my mum's hometown at Teluk Intan, Perak.
For you guys who have no idea where Teluk Intan is, it's the place with the Menara Condong, and scrumptious Chee Cheong Fun.
Still clueless?Look up the map then.

There, Malaysia's very own Leaning Tower of Pisa ; only found at Teluk Intan.


Teluk Intan is also the hometown for many others, like Grace/Joyce's dad, Dillion's, Rui Zhen's, Nimalan's.
It is also Uncle Fuad's place of birth!

So, I met up with Grace, Joyce and Dillion at some Ice Kacang stall.

A picture of me with the 'man tou long' taken by Joyce.


After Teluk Intan, my dad drove up north to Ipoh to meet up with his friend.
On the way, we dropped by at Kampar to check out the place where I'm gonna spend 3 years to complete my degree.

UTAR's Kampar campus.
It is nice and a condusive environment to study, but for goodness sake, can someone please develop that place :\.
Dying of boredom is not a choice.


At Ipoh, we were pretty unforgiving towards our tummy, we had heavy dinner and head off to devour the goodies of Ipoh, the Bean Sprout Chicken, White Coffee, Ipoh Hor Fun.



So far Chinese New Year has been great. Now, I shall introduce some of the Chinese New Year goodies of my choice which is a must to have!

Dried meat, or rather known as Bak Kwa. :O

Fried Nga Ku! (fried arrowhead)


Valentine's Day is coming, 'Love Letters' anyone?


So when I arrive back from Ipoh, I wasted no time and visited the Wei Kit, learned how to play Mah Jong there :D.

Then, we moved to Yu Szen's house, which was filled with his relatives and they were making some Westlife video before that? haha damn cool.

Later on we all headed to 1u for some mini gathering for Sabrina, Kit Weng together with our other ex-classmates!

Did many house-visiting, :).


Today, it was Vincent's Chinese New Year gathering.
Vincent, your house's beautiful :O!

& what a good day it is :).


Oh, Happy Belated Birthday Tan Yong Meng!
Haha loser, I mean "woser" you're 18 and can't drive yet. haha!

Haha you're a great guy and keep that going dude.
Don't dream of Pn. Koh or Ethan so often anymore.
See you around man.

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