Friday, February 29, 2008

Uni, Kai Fu's 18th.

Now that I've been in UTAR for 2 months, I'm starting to blend in and adapt to the new surrounding.
Ironically, I can say I'm enjoying myself much there.
Something I thought would not even be flying across my mind a month ago.
I might be lying if I said I'm having the time of my life now. or maybe it's too soon to say so again. Who knows.

For the coming intake, there will be more familiar faces for me to have around.
Dillion Koo is one of them who's coming to UTAR.

Besides that, I would like to thank a friend of mine, who was from the same primary and secondary as me.

Kai Fu.
He kept me sane throughout the crazy early time of the year at this new environment, or rather we both kept each other sane, haha.

Like stated in his e-mail, ""
Truthfully, he isn't that bad at all.

Coincidently, it's his birthday tomorrow [1st March].
Happy 18th Birthday Kai Fu.
Hope you can gain more weight, get broader shoulders like you wished.
& also find a hot chick that suits your liking at UTAR. :)

This is Kai Fu Jr.
kaifu says:
kaifu says:
kaifu says:
kaifu says:

haha this is KaiFu today with his cake in our lecture room. That big dude behind is Joe, the coolest lecturer around, haha.


Meet some of my new friends ;

During lunch break.

Wei Hoong the Ladies man, myself, Seng Eu Mr. Nicest Guy, Hoi Yee the Sweet & Quiet one, Christina-The-One-Admired-By-All, LiangYin the loveable one, and Pui Yee the Cili Padi.haha.

We all plus the photographer, fit into ONE Kenari.

Top[L-R] - Seng Eu, Christina, Wei Hoong
Bottom[L-R] - RenBing the Tallest Seremban Boy, me & KahYin is the photostat machine's best friend :) :). haha.

They are nice and decent people to have around, very understanding people.
Not to mention, students in UTAR are very hardworking and studious. Don't play play.

Life is Beautiful.
Or at least I would like to think so.

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