Sunday, March 09, 2008

What's in it for you?

I really have been occupied lately, assignments and my Mid-Terms.
The bane of the assignments and assessments are inevitable.
So far I can say I did not too bad, except for Accounts.
This subject appears very much like a Martian to me. It's gonna be tough if I'm choosing to be an Accountant. Heaven forbids miracle happens.

So far, I got to know I scored the highest for Maths, Economics and Public Speaking Presentation in my class :).


A little note, our NS trainee friends will be back on the 11th March.
& doom's day is... (better not say anything to jinx it :P)
Call me superstitious or whatever you want.


Oh, a very belated birthday wish for Wei Kit here exclusively on my blog.

Our Buddha-look-a-like friend, who never fails to make us ;
  • laugh at his lame remarks
  • run away from his loud but friendly fart.
  • feel impressed with his exam grades.
  • feel excited/disgusted when he kisses YongMeng.
Happy Belated Birthday Soo Tho Wei Kit!


I watched 10, 000 BC recently.

I loved it.
  • Wanna watch how prehistoric men hunt down mammoths?
  • Wanna know what did the prehistoric man do when he came face to face with a saber toothed tiger?
  • Wanna check on the hot actress Evolet played by Camilla Belle?
  • You've got a thing for untidy men/women in prehistoric attire.
Either you suit the criteria above or you don't, I still recommend you to watch this movie. Good stuff.


Oh, election fever.
Who did you guys vote for? (if you're eligible to vote)
It kinda surprises me on how badly Barisan Nasional is defeated.
Like how Pak Lah mentioned ; "Clear proof of democracy at work in the country"
My intuitions are telling me this Barisan Nasional people are deeply devastated with their loss.

I know a great number of the people backing DAP.
Khy Li, Ethan, SerSiang's mum for example.
& how Dina has an infatuation on Tony Pua who won the parliamentary seat of Petaling Jaya Utara defeating Chew Mei Fun.

It's 2.00am now.

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Nimalan D said...

Opposition all the way