Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Outcome ; 11 Years of Schooling.


12th March 2008

I smell the scent of anxiety around the school.
& I thought it was a bad omen as I saw a black cat before entering the school gate.
I say ;
"Have faith, and accept whatever comes."


All I can say is, As are over-rated.

So far, no reported cases of suicide or heart-attack. Fortunately.
If you're curious to know how I did, I scored 9As 1B.
Missed out on BM, I couldn't care much as I'm satisfied and think I'm pretty much done with it.

My highest salutations for those high-achievers.
Very, very commendable and proud of you all.
Scoring excellent results isn't as simple as.. eating French Fries?

But at times, when you don't score straight As, it doesn't mean you're not a bright student, definitely not.
You can possess much more integrity and intelligence than some who achieved higher number of As.

In the hall where we collect our results, it's a great feeling seeing the faces of ex-school mates, some in jubilant mood, while some in a rather solemn mood. Whatever it is, you did your best and we shall move on!


May Suen made her mark as one of the highest achiever in the country with a record amount of 15A1s, highest ever record in the history of SMKDJ.
Wanna know a bit of her personal life? She's a huge fan of Linkin Park.

XinHui, has all the reason to be delighted.
12A1s is no small deal.

Dina, you're a brilliant student. What can I say, 11As is great! Despite having so many responsibilities, you still manage to ace the exam. Kudos to you!
Joe who scored 11As, but failed to get a HONDA ACCORD as reward cause the reward only comes if he scores 11A1s, instead he scored 9A1s, 2A2s. Still, damn pro la Joe!
YewWeng is a Smart ass. 11As.
WeiGuan scored 11As and claimed she didn't study much. Liar :b.

The list goes on, sorry if I didn't mention your name, cause there are too many to mention here!


Current mood?

Thanks Pa, Thanks Mi.
& All who heleped and guided me through.

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