Saturday, March 15, 2008

Events of Late.

Let's continue from the 12th of March, the day we got our SPM results.
Simply put it this way, I've been on an outing streak since then :b.

On that very day itself, we ex-Cengal students head off to Curve's Sakae Sushi for lunch.
As night falls, I went out with WeiGuan, Vincent, KhyLi, Sarah and JeeSern to Murni for supper/post-SPM result celebration.


The following day, the 13th, I attended Su-Queen's Pre-NS gathering before leaving on the 18th of this month.
Held at Crystal's place at Bukit Utama, it was a good night of chit-chatting, vodka, and friends.


For Friday Night, I drove to HELP for the Charity Auction thingie, ferrying Daniel and Ee Keen as well.
It was a brave attempt alright I wasn't really sure of my directions to HELP.

Earlier the day, Isabelle was mentioning how nice would it be if she is gonna be "purchased" by a hot dude.
But guess who "bought" her? Debra! haha.
At a relatively high value of RM150! Now, Debra, what have you had in mind for Isabelle to do for you? :P

Pictures from Belle.

"Kevin Cheng", Boon, Ethan, WeiKit, Belle and myself.

Izzy Gorgeous looking gorgeous. :)

Not long later, we left HELP and head off to The Curve to watch Colbie Caillat perform!
Met so many familiar faces there.

A great singer she is!

A day would never be complete without supper at a mamak stall don't you think so?
We drove off to Murni for supper after that.

We owe each other a long-time-no-see hug. haha :)


Next, 15th March.
It was a Saturday but I've got class. *yawns.

Later the day, SerSiang fetched me to Vincent's place for his 18th Birthday!


Pictures from KhyLi.

The love birds for the night.
It's so catchy when Khy Li says HUNNYBUNNY to Vincent. haha.

Me in Red, Siang in Yellow.
Bottom it's Magdalene, Joanna & Sarah.

That's ThianHong on the line with KhyLi!


WWG :).


Cake cutting time!

Look! Vincent and his concubines.
I know your parents are so proud of you Vince :D!

Vincent and his bunch of buddies. :)

Haha look at the size of the girls(except JanMing :P) compared to the guys (PAUL PHILIP) behind! Such distinctive size difference :b!

We had good food, wine, lamb! Not to forget a long debate on where to go after everything :P.
Vincent you're 18 man. Aah, big boy di ;).
Thanks for inviting! Without doubt I had fun the whole time and I'm pretty sure it's the same for others! Good food, good environment, but the best got to be the great company!

Like I've mentioned, it's hard to call it a day without going out for supper.
This time we went to William's instead. Guess who we saw there? WeiCheng :).

Then the group moved on to Rileys/Rhileys or however you spell it to play Foosball till 2am+..?
The gang were so engrossed with Foosball while I was watching how Arsenal was trailing Middlesbrough by 1-0!
The match ended in a 1-1 draw :b.
Guess Man. Utd. is currently in the driver seat as we move on in the Premiership!


16th March.
We TFD head to Sports Planet at Subang for a futsal tournament without the presence of Harith and Roshern.

That competition was never short of strong competitors, arguably one of the toughest tournament we've participated so far. We weren't performing at the level desired so we fell short at the early group stage. Devastating it is. We had to play the 1st two games without Mr. Goal-Scoring-Machine-Khairil who has to go HELP to settle his course payment first.

I suppose we got to buck up and look forward what's in store for us in the future.

Asia Cafe was where we had our lunch after that.


-You're so fine.

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