Monday, March 31, 2008

KL International Marathon 2008

I am so not a long distance runner.

Cut short, I can roughly summarize my KL Marathon this year wasn't that good.
I really, really wasn't in the condition to race.

However, I just give it all and probably used every ounce of energy present in my tank.

For the 10km run, the category is 18 years and above. As long as you achieve any position from 1st to 500th, you will be eligible to receive a medal. It only matters if you get 1st, 2nd, 3rd for this event cause thats only when you win cash while there isn't much difference getting 4th or 500th.

Had Kevin close to me almost throughout the whole 10km.
We approached Dataran Merdeka together, but he has that extra boost so Kevin got 122th and I got 125th. Out of like erm a sea of runners. Ok laaa.

I rushed off to the washroom right after that.

Walked out.. & then I collapsed and passed out.
On some tar road behind a Silver MyVi is all I can remember.
It felt as if my life is taken out off me. I was totally blank and motionless.

Yup, you guessed it. No one came to my aid. Passerby and people around probably thought I... was taking a short nap? I suppose I collapsed for not less than half an hour.

It spoilt my day. I couldn't walk properly ; didn't enjoy much of the complementary drinks and cereal provided.

Right after I gain consciousness, I walked around the field, looking for familiar faces. When I saw Brian and Justin Loh, I shouted for their name with all my might and as soon they noticed me, I was relieved and couldn't help much but collapse again. Those guys initially wanted to do their regular-touch-me gay-ly routine, but soon learn that I wasn't okay.

Later on, I was helped out around by Wei Kit, Kevin. & Gene-Harn gave me a massage that made me feel much better. Thank you guys.

Wei Kit was delighted to obtain a medal, but the slight defect for him was he injured his ankle. All the hard time jogging paid off eh? :)
Kit Weng boy from NS was happy he got a medal too.
Paul Levine didn't have a good time during marathon either. He wasn't feeling well as well and he was injured resulting from stepping someone else's empty bottle.
Eugene and Adrian Sankar did rather well in their 21km. Very impressive.
Candice Sow shouldn't be left out. This sweet-but-steady girl got 96th for her 7km! What add to the fact of her being powerful was she still has the energy to go SHOPPING at the Pavillion!

Without doubt I can say that this year's competitors are definitely better runners.


Pictures from Gene-Harn.

Kevin & I before the race.

Go go go!


& finally, what we came for.

+ a McD voucher too. ;)


I guess next would be, 21km?
21km for 2009! Maybe. :b

Hopefully I would be in good shape to race then!