Sunday, April 06, 2008

Head turner.

On 5th of April, there is actually 3 sporting event for me to participate.
  • Goodwill Games - Volleyball Tournament
  • UTAR Sports Carnival - Futsal Tournament & Captain Ball
  • Playing Futsal for my mum's company.
I wonder why, are people feeling rather competitive on the 5th of April?

Above all that, I chose to participate in the Goodwill Games. Without doubt it's the most prestigious compared to the others.

So, my volleyball team consist of Dillion, Aaron, Vincent, Philip, Paul, Meng Wai, Choon Seng and myself.

We all were representing St. Ignatius Church, Dillion's church.


On the day itself ;

We had a rather bad start.
Everyone gathered at the church.
When it's time to move, Vincent can't move his car.

Due to the car's anti-theft system I suppose, the alarm of the car went on and the car can't be started.

Moments later, the car can be started, take off time!

But after traveling as far as zero displacement(LDP in front of the church), the car's alarm went on again and we had to stop to deal with the car.

Finally, Vincent manage to break the car's security system code or something like that? So off we go! To Matshusita Stadium/Sports Complex!

On our way, we stumbled upon this car. L or P?
I'm confused.


We all settled down at that place, and start off with our volleyball match!

Vincent attempting a serve.


Suddenly, I saw Mr. Jacob Loh. Spoke to him, asked him if Justin is around.

He replied, "Yes he is, he's participating in the 4x400m and 400m event later"

I was shocked, I didn't know they have track events!
Met up with Justin and Adrian Sankar. So I was offered to participate in 400m and 4x400m! I agreed on the spot to run despite being unprepared :p. Haha impromptu run!
I am then passed a spike shoe of my size.
I was merely a substitute for volleyball, so my absence wouldn't have that great effect on our team.

Lovely. I never thought I would participate in track events again!
So instead of playing volleyball, I go run run run.

They do have great competitors there. There's a 400m state runner, MSSD 1500m champion there and many other strong runners. Don't play play.
The 400m state champion's lead from my position was unpleasantly far. Monster la they all :\.

4x400m. Anticipating the baton to be passed to me.



For the results;
4th for 400m.
3rd for 4x400m.
4th for Volleyball.

Despite my absence, my futsal team for UTAR Sports Carnival got 2nd and the my Captain Ball team won 1st!

The 4x400m relay runners. Daniel, Adrian, Justin and myself.

Arguably one of the best quality medal I ever received.

The volleyball team! :]

Shah Alam is not a good place to be under the rain. Due to the fact it has numerous factories around, the acid rain is BAD. As I had run 400m under the rain, I caught a cold :\.


Later the night attended YuSzen's birthday dinner.

Haha sorry I wasn't there to witness you being sodomized earlier in the morning.


As for today, I woke up really late as I was exhausted from yesterday, my dad brought us to O&S restaurant for lunch.

Met KhyLi, YiChing and family as well as YoongKen and family, with my half-awake look.

Being a 'ke-po-chi', I took this picture. It happened somewhere near the restaurant.

Such awkward position.



Meet my new pet, Dingo!


Last but not least.

So long and good bye Andrew.
Rest in peace.
You will be dearly missed by your family, friends and acquaintances.

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debra fong said...

Dingooooo is such a cutie: )
And hello Meng Leong!
it's a been a whileeee.