Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3rd & Final Day of MSSD Softball 2008

Woah, damn a lot of pictures ahhh.
Let's make it as brief as possible.

Under 18 Boys - 1st
Under 18 Girls - 2nd
Under 15 Boys - 2nd
Under 15 Girls - 3rd


I see the emergence of new and talented players. The great will to play the game well.
Getting involved in softball is always an awesome way to meet new friends, and I'm sure most of you players did meet many new acquaintances.

Yesterday, Patrina suffered a shot on her head, a severe one.
A national pitcher pitched an enormously fast pitch straight to Patrina's forehead?
She wasn't wearing any safety wear that moment.
Patrina suffered a minor cheek fracture and ;
Blood started flowing out like water.
She is close to being fine now, after having 30 STITCHES.

The following pictures shall tell most of the story of today.

The U-15 Boys.

Watch out for Brandon aka "Fei Hai" who's a very good catcher :).

Poshy May Ee. & Chye Liang doesn't wanna be left out.

Nah, now I take a picture of you la, haha.

Matt being his metrosexual-self.

YongMeng : "Sarah, sometimes you remind me of Steph!"


Su Ann & Candice.

Yun Li, Michelle, and Melody.

Ms. Le-Ching! :)

MayEe giving her thumbs up on the cool solar-powered cap with fan!

Ahh, spoilt by choice. haha.

U-18 boys fielding.

Brianboy pitching.


Michelle the teddy bear and YunLi.

Dinie in the position to bat.

Hi Louis.

YongChin the power of swimming pool.

I told them to pose like they're spectating the match.
They pulled it off pretty well haha.
LOL look at Ashley's focused face.
I tell you ahh this girls.

They won the match against BU4.


Now I would like to share with you ;

3 easy steps to test if you're a smart ass.

1st, you hold hands.

2nd, you form a large circle.

Lastly, you collide in the middle with great force.
The smart asses would avoid colliding. hahaha.
I see not so smart people there :).

Now, YongMeng giving some talk to the U-15 boys.


Remember I mentioned that a national pitcher pitched the ball to Patrina's head? To show his remorse he gave his national jacket specially for Patrina. It was a huge gift, but he has all the reason to feel guilty for launching a ball straight to her head.

So YongMeng & I....



Mini Adam pitching.

Awww look at those puny BU4 boys. So smalll :P.

Another small and cute one, Syadat, Najat's younger bro.
Haha he's seriously damn adorable la.

Kai Liang was bored he created these polygons from the wet soil.

The U-15 boys won BU4 and manage to clinch 2nd place.

Celebration time!


u-18's final game.

Be intimated, it's the DJ supporters again!

Dinie pitching.

The U-18 boys lost to Bukit Bintang, but due to the points and run system, they still top the other teams!
So, the U-18 boys are champion!!

Haha here we go agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.


Brian constipated!

Everyone in jubilant mood after knowing the 18 Boys are Champ.

Then it was 'appreciation' time for Chye Liang. 'Appreciation' for that also mean getting bashed up in the mud. haha

The Petaling Utama Champs.

Lol clueless la these people. I can see Brian enjoying the fact he's carrying Adrian. Damn gay la you Brian haha.

Ming Chun looks like he played hell of a match before this but in fact he didn't even play a single game.
He was wrestled down into the mud. lol

Adrian and the goofy Bumiputras. (Najat & Ierfan) haha

The softball players of SMKDJ. Well, not all were in the picture.
I see a bond, a bond among these people.
& the tradition of DJ's softball shall be continued.

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